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Molly Brewer Named MVC Freshman of the Year by CSM

Congrats to freshman Molly Brewer, chosen as the Freshman of the Year for the Missouri Valley Conference by College Sports Madness.

She’s joined on the MVC All-Conference squad by seniors Nia Williams, Michelle Sommer and Chelsea Voet as well as junior Rachel Weimer.

First Team,,,Second Team
F,Rachel Tejada,Illinois State,F,Brittany Neumann,Creighton
F,Ashlie Stokes,Drake,F,Generve Charles,Drake
F,Kyla Cross,Illinois State,F,Abby Springer,Evansville
F,Rachel Weimer, Missouri State, F, Molly Brewer, Missouri State
M,Brittany Schuling, Drake, M, Rhian Pritchard, Drake
M,Michelle Sommer, Missouri State, M, Sam Copley, UNI
M,Aimee Wronski, Illinois State, M, Rachel Bostick, Illinois State
M,Tatian Pagan, Evansville, M, Shelby Troyer, Indiana State
D,Kristin Cooley, Illinois State, D, Taylor Brand, Evansville
D,Megan Fisher, Drake, D, Madelyn Buckner, Creighton
D,Nia Williams, Missouri State, D, Marisa Windisch, Indiana State
D,Allie Brees, UNI, D, Sarah Carlson, Illinois State
GK,Kalena Litch, Drake, GK, Chelsea Voet, Missouri State
Rob and Molly Brewer, Missouri State BearsThe photo above is of Molly as a 7th Grader, playing for Pershing Middle School. Just a bit of fun on my part since I could easily look back that far.

This photo, by Steph Anderson of The Standard, is part of a nice story on Molly and her father, and coach, Rob Brewer. Check it out!

Freshman Molly Brewer has always excelled in the classroom and on the soccer field. She racked up Regional Offensive MVP and District Offensive Player of the Year honors and was selected to the academic all-conference team while playing at Glendale High School. Molly could have gone to almost any school of her choosing but decided to come to Missouri State and play for a familiar coach, her father, Rob Brewer.

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Drury Panthers Surprise Missouri State Bears

Drury Panthers host Missouri State Bears“They wanted it more than we did in the first half” was the assessment of Coach Rob Brewer of the MSU Bears following his squads 2-1 loss to their North side neighbors, the Drury Panthers Saturday evening. All three goals were scored in the decisive first half, with Drury scoring in the 31st and 42nd minutes while MSU narrowed the margin with a quick strike in the 43rd minute.

It was an entertaining game that drew a good crowd, despite Drury’s Sports Information department lack of interest in including it on the published schedule. I also missed a nice game between the men’s team and the visiting UMKC Kangaroo’s that the parent’s I talked to learned about only because their student-athlete sons mentioned it to them. Let’s pick up the pace Scott! The season has started. UPDATE – the Panther’s SID blog notes some arcane NCAA rules about reporting with brief notes that don’t address the schedule issue.

The Bears opened quickly in the match, taking the ball into the Panther’s box from the start. Drury parried that attack and slowly but surely got comfortable with the pace and physical attack of their large school opponent. While Drury was able to establish themselves and control play for the next 15 minutes, the Bears kept the pressure on and were seemingly in control of the game when the Panther’s got the game-winner from freshman Hillary Cockrell. It was the result of a corner kick, when Hillary collected a clearance and hammered a 30 yard shot just under the crossbar. Cockrell joins the Panthers from Union HS in Tulsa, two time OK Class 6 State champions in 2007 and 2008. She joins former HS teammate Emily West (pictured defending against Carolyn Sweeney) on the Panthers, starting tonight in the defensive midfield position behind Kelsy Long and Olivia Philippart de Foy. Philippart de Foy looks prepared to finally fulfill the role I predicted for her two years ago which is significant due to the loss of Sarah “Goody” Goodman for the season to an ACL injury in the Spring.

Drury Panthers host Missouri State BearsThe Panthers second goal also came as a result of a corner kick, earned against the run of play in the 42nd minute. This time Mandi Little was able to nod down the initial ball and Kelsy Long collected it inside the 6 yard box, getting off a quick shot that was parried by the defender on post. The rebound fell to Kelsy and her 2nd shot was on target, stunning the Bears. They responded well however, taking the ensuing restart down into the Panthers box where freshman Tara Bailes (Catholic – pictured with Katy McLain, Kickapoo) collected a loose ball just outside the box and put a ball into the net, off of the underside of the cross bar. Some folks even described it as a chip shot. That’s exactly the role Coaches Brewer and Dutchik had in mind for her when she was recruited and gave the Bears the momentum they needed going into the 2nd half.

The 2nd half was a freewheeling affair, with both teams in attack mode but as the game wore on the Bears began to impose themselves. The unofficial statistics had the Bears out-shooting the Panthers 14-5, with 9 shots on goal, 6 of which came in the second half. Jessie Sanderson appears to be in mid-season form as she kept a clean sheet, helped by one off sides call that negated a ball that Carolyn Sweeney put into the goal.

All-in-all, the game offered early lessons for both teams that I anticipate they will use well. The Bears continue their scoring run early, while the importance of set pieces and 90+ minutes of commitment and intensity (remember Indiana State last year ladies) were hammered home. For the Panthers, a reminder that the team that reached the Final 16 is relatively intact and capable of achieving at high levels. Fitness is going to be huge for this team, and the reason there were players on the bench last night after not achieving minimum levels. I’m looking forward to the season!

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May Day And Blossoming Freshman

Fortunately for me, I’ve discovered that the majority of you don’t come here because of my journalistic skills. We know newspapers are dying, so I am here cover the game we love and that’s good enough for you.

That is all to explain my feeble attempt at a May Day (and the day is a good one so far, eh) headline and a feature story for you in advance of the game tonight between the top 2 seeds in Class 1. The #2 Bolivar Liberators visit #1 Springfield Catholic and the varsity teams will square off at 4:30 pm.

The Liberators, like many teams in the region, have been influenced by the growing quality of the underclassmen joining their teams. In 1999 the US Women won the World Cup here in the USA and all those 6 year old girls are now freshman and sophomores and contributing to their varsity squads. Kaelie Archer (#6) on defense and Jonna Welch (#27) at forward are a pair of freshman to keep an eye on tonight as the Liberators test themselves against arguably the best team in the Region, regardless of class.

Springfield Catholic beat Glendale Falcons in PK's Catholic have two of the best freshmen in the region in Rachel Scott (on the left) and Natalie Smid (on the right). I caught up with them following their win in PK’s against the Glendale Falcons last week. They are pictured with Tara Bailes (middle), who will be wearing Missouri State maroon next year.

Here’s what they had to say following that win: Rachel Scott & Natalie Smid, Catholic (it’s a .WAV file) You’ll hear Rachel first, then Natalie describing Rachel’s saves as it continues.

Best friends and pretty good teammates I’d say, focused on the play of others rather than their own play. How good are they? I asked Coach Rob Brewer, Missouri State University, who was in attendance and here’s what he had to say about Natalie

Natalie makes other midfielders better. She is very technical and understands the game well.

What should you watch for? Not only her touch (how close does she keep the ball) but what does she do off the ball? She anticipates very well, putting herself in position to support her teammates and she is thinking several steps ahead so that before she receives the ball, she already understands where her pass will go. Or runs that she will make that create space for her teammates. It’s a package folks and this is the player that will be running the midfield after Tara graduates.

As to her BFF Rachel, Coach Ben Timson noted very early this season that she could be the best goalkeeper he has ever had at Catholic which stretches to the beginning of the program. As noted in the interview, she had to make a pair of reaction saves in OT to keep Glendale from winning. Two things that stand out for me is the confidence her teammates have in her, which allows them to press for the goal when they need it. And more importantly, the confidence she has in herself. It was like interviewing Bruce Sutter or any baseball closer of the past generation. It’s not the save that was missed, it’s the next shot that’s important. Key qualities.

So I’ll be out there to watch their progression, and the development of all the players on the pitch. How about you?

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Tara Bailes Signs With Missouri State Bears

Tara Bailes, Soccer Signing Tara Bailes participated in a soccer signing ceremony at Catholic High School on Friday with teammate Anne Prenger. She has chosen to continue her career with Division I Missouri State where she will play for Coach Rob Brewer. I asked Coach Brewer about the role he expects Tara will play for the Bears.

We expect Tara to compete for a spot in the midfield. We think her ability to deliver accurate passes and to hold the ball will help us offensively. She is also very tough in the box and will score her share of goals. Tara is a very determined, hard working athlete that should fit into our system very well.

Tara is one of two seniors on the Springfield Catholic squad, with Anne Prenger, a 1st team All-State player and All-Ozarks member as a junior. She played with Springfield SC this past Fall while prior to that she was traveling to St Louis where she was a member of St Louis SC (formerly Busch SC). The recruiting path was somewhat unusual as the Bailes and Brewer families are very close as any observer of the Springfield Soccer community can ascertain. So the challenge in this case was not making MSU aware of Tara’s skills but whether she would choose to play for the hometown squad. Here’s what Coach Brewer offered on that question:

Tara is an example of the improving talent level in the Springfield area. It is exciting to add such a highly respected local player. I hope that this is the beginning of a trend that will see more local players choose to compete for Missouri State.

It is a great sign. And now that it’s a done deal, I can share with you how excited her parents are about the opportunity to watch Tara play at Missouri State. Her father is a graduate of SMSU where he played baseball for the Bears. Words cannot describe the look on his face when I discussed with him last Fall the possibility that Tara would ‘stay home’ and play at his alma mater. The energy was palpable and I’m guessing it will be awhile before the smile is wiped off his face. Congratulations to Tara, her family and the Irish who send one of their finest to the Bears.

Pictured at the ceremony above
front row: (Grandma) Ann Cashel, Tara, (Grandma) Kay Bailes
back row: JoAnna Bailes, Scott Bailes, (grandpa) Dave Bailes
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