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Pulaski County Soccer Focuses On The Kids

nelsonmorgan1989From the Waynesville Daily Guide comes this story: Kiwanis Club won’t pursue soccer program

After announcing its departure from the Community Joint Recreation Board and plans to start its own soccer program, the Kiwanis Club has decided it won’t pursue the endeavor after all.

The newest announcement by the club, made Tuesday, Jan. 5, cited a recent decision by the Community Joint Recreation Board to continue its own soccer program.

A statement from the Kiwanis Club said Kiwanis members believe operating two soccer programs will create a division of youth in the area, and has the potential to make the registration period confusing.

“Kiwanis members would like to thank all players, coaches, parents and supporters for over 22 years of soccer in the area,” the statement said.

It’s nice to see the adults behaving like adults and making decisions in the kids best interest. It reminds me of the excellent experiences I had as a member of Key Club in High School in Honolulu. Well done ladies and gentlemen.

You may recognize the photo, provided by Skylor Morgan, of his father Nelson who helped found the Pulaski County youth soccer programs.

In addition to the Youth Soccer program, there is now a pair of Select Programs available in Pulaski County Missouri targeted to traveling teams and advanced training. Check out Pulaski United FC and the training programs offered by the Reyes brothers at United Soccer Training Academy.
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RIP: Heather Morgan Balven

Heather Morgan Balven and son Jack
Heather Morgan Balven and son Jack
Sad news for the family of Nelson Morgan in Waynesville. Nelson’s daughter Heather Balven was killed when her company truck was struck by an Amtrak train in Illinois on Thursday.

Friends of Balven, 31, mourned her Friday as a talented woman, a standout in her childhood hometown of Waynesville, Mo., who was giddy with the recent news that she was three months pregnant with her second child. Balven had a 2-year-old son.

In addition to playing soccer for the Tigers, Balven served as the president of the senior class. “She was an all-around girl. One of our golden girls,” said Hardman, a retired history teacher.

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Updates From The World Of Soccer

Close to home

The Rock Bridge girls soccer team’s game against Smith-Cotton in the semifinals of the Class 2 District 10 Tournament was postponed Tuesday night because of lightning. The game was stopped with 26:09 remaining in the first half and the score tied at 0. It will resume at that point Wednesday at 6 p.m. on Susie Ditzfeld Memorial Field.

Top-seeded Jefferson City awaits the winner in the finals. The district championship game will be played Thursday at 6:30 p.m. as originally scheduled. The Jays (12-8-1) advanced by defeating Helias 2-1 on penalty kicks in Tuesday’s first semifinal.

Closer yet
Nelson Morgan was in the process of coaching the final home soccer game of his long coaching career at Waynesville High School. And for his efforts he was carded.

In our back yard
The prom photos of Ozark keepers Jason Taylor and Paige Hemphill made the Wall of Fame for Reusch USA, the world leader in developing and marketing of soccer gloves and accessories. Check out the Reusch website for all your goal keeping supplies

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Nelson Morgan – A Pulaski County Soccer Pioneer

A son’s letter…

The people who founded youth soccer, maintained it and now run it in the Waynesville-St.Robert area are numerous and otherwise unrecognized volunteers. Richland, Laquey, Dixon, and Crocker all owe a debt of gratitude to these people, for creating local interest in the sport and guiding them in the creation of their own leagues. Last fall, the Crocker boys finished their year at the State Final 4, a direct result of the regions development.

But the reason I write this letter is for one man. I doubt seriously the people of these communities know that the unassuming junior varsity girl’s soccer coach for the Waynesville Tigers is one of the founders of Pulaski County soccer. On Thursday May 8, 2008, my father Nelson Morgan, will coach his last soccer game.

He’s coached more than a thousand soccer players from ages 5-19 in the Waynesville area the past 22 years. He took a year off in the late 90’s from coaching high school, but continued even then with youth teams. During this period he’s been the common thread running through coaches, players, youth leagues, field maintenance, flood recovery, school board meetings, athletic directors, etc. He is, as far as I’m concerned the grandfather not only of my nephew, but also of Pulaski County soccer.

He’s been there for it all, from 1986 to 2008. And I thank him publicly for that. I play a soccer game weekly nearly 500 miles away from Waynesville, in Murfreesboro, TN. The field is full of 20-30 something soccer has-beens, a generation of people who grew up playing soccer. We all seem to have the same story, a small town league, where no one knew how to start a new sport. But we learned to love the game, as do thousands of people in Pulaski County on Saturday mornings now regularly. Thanks Dad, this is your legacy. It is a good one.

Skylor Morgan
Smyrna, TN

Waynesville Tigers at Springfield Catholic Fightin' IrishNelson has done a great job maintaining and always trying to improve Waynesville soccer. I have gotten to know Nelson well the last 2 years and have found him one of the most prepared coaches I have ever been around. He is a student of the game and has a passion for soccer and the kids that is rivaled by few. Nelson is never out-worked by an opposing coach and he strives to put his players in a situations that allow them to be successful. On top of that, I have never in my life seen someone keep such meticulous statistics. Nelson, you may retire from coaching, but I am certain we will see you around some Ozark Conference matches with the floppy hat and the chair that must now say: the re-un-re-tired Coach Morgan. We’ll miss your excitement about the game in Waynesville.
Josh Scott, Head Coach
Waynesville Tigers

Nelson has been the face of Waynesville soccer since its inception. His hard work and dedication will be missed. He truly is one of the good people in our business, and I for one will miss seeing him at the Waynesville games. Thanks Nelson for all you did for soccer in our area.
Tom Davidson
Ozark Tigers

Nelson carried that clipboard around like a preacher carries a Bible. I have always admired his professionalism in everything he did. Through his efforts, Waynesville is one of the first programs that led the way on how to properly host a district tournament or state play off game. They saw the importance of honoring the teams playing by doing the small things to allow the participating teams the ability to just focus on the game. Nelson was a big part of that effort and for that I will always be grateful. Congrats on all the years you have invested in encouraging kids to learn and play the beautiful game, but more importantly the life lessons you have instilled.
Jeff Rogers
Glendale Falcons

Loyal is a word that I would say describes Nelson Morgan. In my 17 years at Rolla, Waynesville has had 6 head coaches, including Nelson himself. With that kind of turnover it is difficult to maintain any consistency, yet Nelson has given that to the Tiger program and that takes a unique quality. He takes a great deal of pride in the soccer program and I am happy that he has seen this senior group at Waynesville have some success as he certainly deserves it.
Mike Howard
Rolla Bulldogs
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Josh Scott To Become Waynesville Tigers Athletic Director

Waynesville Tigers at Parkview Vikings The Waynesville Daily Guide provides the details – The Waynesville Board of Education hired from within to fill its upcoming void at the activities/athletic director’s position, naming Josh Scott to assume that post starting in the 2008-09 school year. With his hiring as athletic director Scott will resign his teaching and coaching duties. Morrison will head up the process of replacing Scott’s coaching positions, getting input from Scott himself.

Congratulations to Coach Scott. If the Waynesville girls needed any more incentive to reach the same levels that the football and basketball teams have reached this year, they just got it. We’re losing an up-and-comer on the soccer pitch and the Tigers get an ambitious, talented AD. They will also be losing long time assistant Nelson Morgan who indicated to me that this will be his final season on the sideline as well.

I am happy to tell you that Josh’s final game as a Coach will be on the sideline at the All-Star game in June. He accepted our invitation in December to handle one of the Boy’s teams, along with Phil Hodge who will handle the other team. escorts agency dubai