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Head Coach Ben Timson On Catholic’s State Title

Head Coach Ben Timson and I took some time after the celebrations on Saturday to discuss his title-winning squad and its traditions. It’s a history that stretches back to 1998, very early in Southwest Missouri annals although not the first. I believe that belongs to the Rolla Bulldogs who first kicked off in 1996.

The photo features the Fitzgerald and Renner families who have contributed 7 players over an 11 year period to the program, culminating in Erin Fitzgerald and Veronica “Ronnie” Renner bringing home the title. It’s just one example that continues when you discuss names like Bailes, Dahlberg, Skahan and many more.

Front row, L to R: unidentified with child, Shannon F (2005), Katherine F (2002), Erin F (2010), Hannah R (2007), Maddy R (2009), Ronnie (2010)
Back row, L to R: Mr Fitzgerald, Mr & Mrs Renner

Apologies if I got any of it wrong, leave corrections in the comments and I’ll update it 🙂


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Missouri High School Girls Soccer Opens At Springfield Catholic

Head Coach Ben Timson with Jessica Smits (back left)
Head Coach Ben Timson with Jessica Smits (back left)
Spring sports opened across the State on Monday and I made my inaugural trip of the season to see Springfield Catholic, last seen capturing 3rd Place in Class 1 in June 2009. While we might argue the semantics of Spring in the Ozarks right now, with temperatures dropping rapidly during practice, the quality of the squad we can expect to see from the Irish will only support questions of just how far they might go in 2010.

The Irish return ALL of their Regional players from last year, including Co-Offensive POY Shelby Hatz and Natalie Smid, Co-Defensive POY Rebecca Mayus and Carsen Baron, along with Erin FitzGerald and Andrea Parker, all juniors except for central midfielder Erin Fitzgerald, one of three seniors on the squad. The other seniors are Veronica Renner and Rachel Herron and the Irish have TWO quality keepers in Rachel Scott and Megan Goetzinger. A plethora of riches for Coach Ben Timson and new assistant, Jessica Smits, last seen roaming the pitch as a left back for the Missouri State Bears.

The most significant loss was emotional leader Maddy Renner, now matriculating at Central Missouri, but with a varsity roster that includes 20 players with experience at State the girls are primed to make a second straight visit this year and leverage that experience in the same fashion as the boys team who captured 2nd last Fall. So, where do you think they will finish?

I’ll be visiting several other schools during the next two weeks while compiling team schedules and rosters. Look for more as we head for the opening game of the season this year which will be Monday March 22nd at Ozark High School where the Tigers will host the Irish. Mark your calendar now!
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2009 Missouri Class 1 High School Girls All-State Teams

Co-Player of the Year – Courtney Besand, St. Vincent
Co-Player of the Year – Alicia Vonderheid, Trinity
Offensive POY – Tillie Bill, Southern Boone
Co-Defensive POY – Justine Dover, Sacred Heart
Co-Defensive POY – Emily McMeekin, Barstow
Goalkeeper POY – Taylor Zerbe, Trinity

Private Coach of the Year – Dustin Wengert, St. Vincent
Public Coach of the Year – Chris Miller, Southern Boone

First Team
Position Player Year School
D Becky Esrock SR Whitfield
D Kayla Seabaugh FR St. Vincent
D Kourtney Luaders SO St. Pius (Festus)
D Justine Dover JR Sacred Heart
F Jen Eaton FR Trinity
F Hilary Torres JR St. Pius X (KC)
F Shelby Hatz SO Springfield Catholic
F Abby Lappe FR St. Vincent
GK Taylor Zerbe SO Trinity
MF Kristen Crandell SR Principia
MF Cristina Post SR Principia
MF Alicia Vonderheid SR Trinity
MF Emily McMeekin SR Barstow
MF Jewel Kawamoto SR Barstow
MF Courtney Besand SR St. Vincent
MF Maddy Renner SR Springfield Catholic
MF Natalie Smid SO Springfield Catholic
MF Tillie Bill JR Southern Boone
MF Emily Cissell SO St. Vincent
MF Abby Whittington SO Trinity

Second Team
D Kara Coffe SR Bishop LeBlond Continue reading “2009 Missouri Class 1 High School Girls All-State Teams”

2009 Missouri Class 1 Central And Southwest All-Region Team

Player of the Year: Tillie Bill, Southern Boone
Co-Offensive POY: Shelby Hatz, Springfield Catholic
Co-Offensive POY: Natalie Smid, Springfield Catholic
Co-Defensive POY: Rebecca Mayus, Springfield Catholic
Co-Defensive POY: Carsen Baron, Springfield Catholic
Goalkeeper of the Year: Rebekah Dowd, Southern Boone
COY-Private: Ben Timson, Springfield Catholic
COY-Public: Chris Miller, Southern Boone

Position Player Year School
D – Carsen Baron, SO – Springfield Catholic
D – Caroline Jensen, JR – Greenwood
D – Rebecca Mayus, SO – Springfield Catholic
D – Shelby Tinney, SR – Joplin McAuley
D – Jessica Bennett, SO – Southern Boone
D – Kelby Wheeler, SO – Southern Boone
F – Maddie Esther, JR – Greenwood
F – Shelby Hatz , SO – Springfield Catholic
F – Arielle Santillan, SR – Joplin McAuley
F – Hannah Schiltz, SO – Southern Boone
GK – Rebekah Dowd, JR – Southern Boone
MF – Erin FitzGerald, JR – Springfield Catholic
MF – Andrea Parker, SO – Springfield Catholic
MF – Maddy Renner, SR – Springfield Catholic
MF – Natalie Smid, SO – Springfield Catholic
MF – Maddie Smith, JR – Greenwood
MF – Jae Stephens, SR – Joplin McAuley
MF – Tillie Bill, JR – Southern Boone
MF – Katie Curtis, FR – Southern Boone
MF – Kelsey Greer, JR – Fatimaa level escorts

2009 Central Ozarks Conference Girls Soccer All-Conference Team

All Central Ozarks Conference 1st Team
Maddy Renner, Senior, Midfielder, Catholic
Shelby Hatz, Sophomore, Forward, Catholic
Rebecca Mayus, Sophomore, Defender, Catholic
Natalie Smid, Sophomore, Midfielder, Catholic
Jody McFarlen, Senior, Forward, Bolivar
Sara Scott, Senior, Goalkeeper, Bolivar
Jonna Welch, Sophomore, Forward, Bolivar
Ashley Honeycutt, Junior, Defender, Marshfield
Alex Cantrell, Sophomore, Midfielder, Marshfield
Michelle Crawford, Senior, Forward, Rogersville
Najee Donson, Junior, Forward, Rogersville

All Central Ozarks Conference 2nd Team
Andrea Parker, Sophomore, Midfielder, Catholic
Julie Magana, Junior, Defender, Bolivar
Dannyca Mostrom, Junior, Forward, Marshfield
Stevie Heidzig, Sophomore, Defender, Rogersville
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