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Glendale Falcons Hold First Ever Alumni Game

A large group gathered Sunday evening on the freshly mowed and lined Glendale pitch for the 1st Annual Alumni game, organized by 2004 graduate Maddy Senkowski. With representation from the class of 1992 to 2010, the game pulled a group that put a smile on Coach Jeff Rogers face as he prepares to begin his 21st year at Glendale.

I’ll try and name as many as I can. Feel free to leave a comment or send me a note using the Contact form with more details.

Back row: Clay Mason, Adam Benton, Jake Meyers, John Reinart, Bryan Horton, Ian Newport, Josh Hunt, Justin Rogers, Brandon Baum, Ryan Frewin, Stephen Conner, Danny Collins, Taylor Hutchens, Todd Buzbee, Jacob Basecke, Ryan Frierson, Andrew Parsons, Josh Keisker, Brian Henderson, Brik Wilson.
Middle: Devon Newport, Chris Pellham, Michael Nesbitt, Ryan Sanders, Ian Shipps.
Front row: Lorin Opfer, Lindsey Sprouse, Maddie Senkosky, Ben Brixey, Ryan Partch, Jamie Keisker, Jamey McLean, Katie Starcke, Kristy Ward, Jeff Rogers

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Missouri Girls Soccer: Class 2 All-State Honors and Final Rankings

Player of the Year – Drea Barklage, Incarnate Word
Offensive Player of the Year – Morgan Marlborough, Lee’s Summit North
Defensive Player of the Year – Jen Tucker, Incarnate Word
Goalkeeper of the Year – Claire Lovercheck, Hazelwood Central

Coach of the Year, Large Schools – Pat Rocco, Hazelwood Central
Coach of the Year, Private Schools – Annie Beekman, Incarnate Word

First Team
GK – Claire Lovercheck 12 Hazelwood Central
D – Maggie Baumann 11 St. Joseph’s Academy
D – Drea Barklage 12 Incarnate Word
D – Amanda Teschner 12 Oakville
D – Jen Tucker, 11 – Incarnate Word
F – Blake Miller 12 Incarnate Word
F – Julie King 12 Nerinx Hall
F – Kelly Meusenfechter 12 Ft. Zumwalt North
F – Colleen Beck 11 Nerinx Hall
F – Jasmina Suljic 12 Oakville
F – Morgan Marlborough 11 Lee’s Summit North
F – Megan Kelley 10 St. Teresa’s Academy
F – Shea Groom 9 Liberty
F – Bobbi Jo Schlick 11 Jackson
MF – Lorin Opfer 12 Glendale
MF – Bridget Lohmuller 12 St. Joseph’s Academy
MF – Katelyn Frederickson 11 Nerinx Hall
MF – Molly Campbell 12 St. Teresa’s Academy
MF – Lizzy Simonin 12 Lee’s Summit
MF – Kasey Clark 9 Liberty
MF – Ellen Jantsch 12 St. Teresa’s Academy
MF – Nikki Rivera 12 Lafayette

Second Team
GK – Mary Warwick 10 St. Teresa’s Academy
GK – Mariah McClain 11 Jefferson City
GK – Maggie Bowman 12 St. Joseph’s Academy
D – Curtney Danze 12 Liberty
D – Jacque Dedovesh 12 Lee’s Summit West
D – Audrey Copenhaver 12 St. Teresa’s Academy
D – Chelsea Dale 12 Jackson
D – Marisa Rapp 12 Howell North
D – Taylor Thomas 12 Rockwood Summit
D – Danielle Bergfeld 11 Hazelwood Central
D – Kelsey Calvert 11 Lafayette
F – Sharaya Sidebottom 12 Blue Springs South
F – Katie Pritchard 12 Waynesville
F – Jessica Greer 11 Smith-Cotton
F – Rachel King 12 Ft. Zumwalt West
F – Becky Handley 11 St. Joseph’s Academy
MF – Kaitlin Bramel 12 Rolla
MF – Mandy Laddish 10 Lee’s Summit
MF – Lauren Drewett 12 Jackson
MF – Allie Brazill 12 Incarnate Word
MF – Bridget Belli 12 Hazelwood West
MF – Ariel Boulicault 11 Pattonville
MF – Korie Klosterman 11 Lafayette

Third Team
GK – Caroline Stanley 9 Lee’s Summit North
GK – Katie Gallagher 12 Howell North
GK – Paige Hemphill 10 Ozark
D – Emily Downing 11 Jefferson City
D – Kaitlyn Nevels 10 Hazelwood Central
F – Brooke Williams 10 Liberty
F – Casey Vitale 10 Pattonville
MF – Katy McClain 12 Kickapoo
MF – Megan Buri 12 Park Hill South
MF – Caroline Gray 9 St. Teresa’s Academy
MF – Jenni Tenholder 12 Jackson High School
MF – Nikki Hoss 12 Ft. Zumwalt West

Final Rankings
1 – Incarnate Word, 20-2-1
2 – St. Joe’s Academy, 20-3-1
3 – St. Teresa’s, 23-3
4 – Nerinx Hall, 21-4-1
5 – Lafayette, 19-1
6 – Liberty, 22-2
7 – Hazelwood Central, 17-11-1
8 – Howell North, 19-5
9 – Lee’s Summit, 22-2-1
10 – Jackson, 18-3
11 – Truman, 22-4
12 – Lee’s Summit North, 18-4
13 – Lindbergh, 18-5
14 – Glendale, 20-6
15 – Ft. Zumwalt West, 13-12russian escort dubai

Missouri Girls Soccer: Class 2 Southwest Region Honors

Glendale Falcons vs Lebanon Yellowjackets, District 11 Final.
Player of the Year – Lorin Opfer, Sr, Glendale (#4 in red)
Offensive Player of the Year – Katie Pritchard, Sr, Waynesville
Defensive Player of the Year – Ashley McWilliams, So, Glendale
Co-Keeper of the Year – Paige Hemphill, So, Ozark
Co-Keeper of the Year – Abbey Roam, Sr, Lebanon
Coach of the Year – Jeff Rogers, Glendale
Position – Player, Year – School
M – Kaitlin Bramel, Sr – Rolla
M – Emily Cline, Fr – Glendale
K – Paige Hemphill, So – Ozark
B – Megan Jenisch, So – Ozark
M – Katy McClain, Sr – Kickapoo
B – Ashley McWilliams, So – Glendale
M – Lorin Opfer, Sr – Glendale
F – Katie Pritchard, Sr – Waynesville
M – Brianna Ragains, Sr – Lebanon
K – Abbey Roam, Sr – Lebanon
F – Chealsey Russell, Sr – Kickapoo
M – Jaclyn Standfast, So – Rolla
M – Hanna Winkel, Jr – Lebanon

M – Becca Carter, Sr – Central
M – Erica Freiert, Jr – Kickapoo
F – Megan Gunnels, So – Ozark
M – Kelsey Haist, Fr – Nixa
M – Lauren Kelly, Sr – Waynesville
M – Jessica Maerz, So – Parkview
F – Shelby Murray, Jr – Neosho
K – Randi Russell, Sr – Joplin
F – Lindsey Sprouse, So – Glendale
F – Shelby Stewart, So – Parkview
M – Megan Stodden, So – Ozark
B – Sara Tindall, Sr – Neoshohigh end escorts nyc

Glendale Falcons To Face Ozark Tigers In Southwest Sectional

Glendale Falcons vs Lebanon Yellowjackets, District 11 Final
Glendale Falcons – 2
Lebanon Yellowjackets – 0
In a tight game, worthy of a District Final, it was the Falcon’s full-court press that ultimately made the biggest difference. Scoreless at halftime, Glendale finally penetrated the Yellowjackets defense in the 48th minute when sophomore Lindsey Sprouse was able to beat a defender and break down the left hand side into the corner. Turning a second defender, she drove a low hard cross into the six yard box where freshman Emily Cline was charging. The ball caromed off a Lebanon defender and into the net as she attempted to deal with both challenges.

The result seemingly was sealed in the 70th when Sprouse scored on a cracker jack header, the ball drawn to her as if on a string, after junior Jeni Frewin did all of the hard work. Frewin has distinguished herself this season as a forward both comfortable and highly capable of working with her back to the goal, with Lebanon’s Brianna Ragains as the one other example I can think of. She created the second goal when she deftly received the ball and turned her defender as she broke into the box on the left side. The Yellowjackets responded to the initial challenge and forced her wide but Frewin, Sprouse and Cline don’t allow defenses to rest. In this case, it was her second effort that allowed her to get a cross off that Sprouse simply redirected into the net before the keeper or defender could react.

Photo Slideshow

It was not a safe lead. The Yellowjackets have spent the season reaching for the level the felt they deserved and the Falcons knew it. From the resulting restart, and over the final ten minutes, Lebanon created as many opportunities as they had in the previous 70. Senior Rachel Duckworth and the defense responded, first as Duckworth had to range to her right to push a ball wide and minutes later, diving to keep a ball out. Lebanon was not able to get numbers into the box consistently this evening however. Senior goalkeeper Abby Roam played a key role in giving them the opportunity to potentially upset their higher ranked opponent, twice denying Lorin Opfer on set pieces in the box, including a fine reaction save in stoppage time in the first half.

The Yellowjackets finish x-y, reaching their second straight District 11 final. They won’t sneak up on anyone next year and have a midfield that can match any in the region with Glidden, Boyer and LeFors returning. It promises to keep getting better folks!

The Sectional game between Ozark and Glendale will be Tuesday May 20th at Cooper Soccer Complex, game time is 6:30 pm. See you there! FROM THE GLENDALE SOCCER WEBSITE – The match is scheduled for 6:30pm, but Glendale’s graduation is at 8:00pm. The game will be moved to an earlier time, but it is unlikely that we will have the details arranged before Monday.arabic escorts in dubai

Sayonara Regular Season

Glendale Falcons at Kickapoo ChiefsGlendale Falcons – 4
Kickapoo Chiefs – 2
The Falcon’s earned their second win of the season over the Chiefs this evening on the strength of a pair of goals in stoppage time at the end of the first half. Both goals were opportunistic, with fortunate bounces in the run of play that were difficult reminders of the challenges the Chiefs have faced this season. The first, the ultimate game-winner, was scored by Falcon’s sophomore Lindsey Sprouse. An attempted clearance was deflected and “Sprousie” picked up the loose ball and went into the box unmarked before burying her shot. Less than a minute later, season assist leader Jeni Frewin found space on the left side and lifted her shot over the on-rushing keeper to the far post for a 2-0 lead.

The Chiefs imposed themselves on the visitors in the second half, only to see senior Rachel Duckworth deny them in the 49th minute when she some how found the length necessary to push the Chief’s shot wide. A minute later freshman McKenna Adams found the crossbar for the second time in the game before setting up senior Katy McLain for a goal in the 51st. Adam’s was a challenge for the Falcon’s all evening and on this occasion as she drew a pair of defenders on her run down the right side, she slid a square ball into the path of McLain’s parallel run down the left. Chiefs within one.

Glendale Falcons at Kickapoo ChiefsThe rivalry always brings the best out in these ladies however and the Falcon’s attacked with renewed energy. Frewin saw her shot in the 57th go off the right upright with goalkeeper Shannon Johnson covering the rebound in the face of a hard challenge. A corner kick in the 64th was somehow sent over the crossbar, Johnson covered another Sprouse breakaway, but in the 68th senior Lorin Opfer buried a corner kick from Emilee Williams to increase the margin yet again.

The Chiefs got a penalty kick goal by senior Chealsey Russell in the 73rd minute after a push in the box. It required two attempts as senior Rachel Duckworth guessed correctly and blocked the initial shot but Russell didn’t miss the rebound opportunity. The final margin came late on yet another corner kick, this time Frewin running onto Emily Cline’s driven ball.

The Chief’s finish the regular season 10-10, losing their last two games but showing a renewed attack with the return of Russell, Blotter and Anderson from injury. Their District 12 opponents should be forewarned. The Falcon’s finish 17-5, 8-1 in the Ozark Conference, and have a group of seniors who remember well both the joy of District victory as sophomores and the disappointment of last years failure in the semifinals. Someone needs to buy some fireworks for the games in Lebanon next week.

Photos slideshow from the game

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Waynesville Tigers – 3 (2 OT)
Nixa Eagles – 2
Reports indicated the Eagles came out and played really well in taking the top-seeded team in the region to two overtime periods. They scored first, in the first half on a direct kick. Waynesville got a pair in the second half, a PK by Katie Pritchard and Lynette Newcomb from Tasha Lord, take the lead. A penalty kick by Nixa tied the score until Pritchard got the game-winner, assist from Erica Combs.

Parkview Vikings – 2
Willard Tigers -0
Goals by Emmy Dale (assist-Shelbie Stewart) and Jessica Maerz (assist-Emmy Dale). Shutout- Caylin Manary

Lebanon Yellowjackets – 10
Central Bulldogs – 0
Senior Abbey Roam scored her first career goal and Emily Boyer returned from illness and scored as well. The Yellowjackets just got tougher in time for Districts.

Rolla Bulldogs – 3
Union Wildcats – 0
Junior Kim Carter netted the first goal on an assist from sophomore Jaclyn Standfast to take the lead in the 8th minute. The Bulldogs also said goodbye to their two seniors, Kaitlin Bramel and Anne Drallmeier.

Ozark hosts West Plains
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