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Glendale Falcons Hold First Ever Alumni Game

A large group gathered Sunday evening on the freshly mowed and lined Glendale pitch for the 1st Annual Alumni game, organized by 2004 graduate Maddy Senkowski. With representation from the class of 1992 to 2010, the game pulled a group that put a smile on Coach Jeff Rogers face as he prepares to begin his 21st year at Glendale.

I’ll try and name as many as I can. Feel free to leave a comment or send me a note using the Contact form with more details.

Back row: Clay Mason, Adam Benton, Jake Meyers, John Reinart, Bryan Horton, Ian Newport, Josh Hunt, Justin Rogers, Brandon Baum, Ryan Frewin, Stephen Conner, Danny Collins, Taylor Hutchens, Todd Buzbee, Jacob Basecke, Ryan Frierson, Andrew Parsons, Josh Keisker, Brian Henderson, Brik Wilson.
Middle: Devon Newport, Chris Pellham, Michael Nesbitt, Ryan Sanders, Ian Shipps.
Front row: Lorin Opfer, Lindsey Sprouse, Maddie Senkosky, Ben Brixey, Ryan Partch, Jamie Keisker, Jamey McLean, Katie Starcke, Kristy Ward, Jeff Rogers

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Steve Wilczewski, Drury Panthers (2010)

Steve Wilczewski, Drury 2010
Steve Wilczewski after scoring game-winner in GLVC Final, 11/8/2009

Wrapping up our retrospective on the record setting forward from Springfield, I have interviews with Steve’s two college coaches, Alf Bilbao who was responsible for bringing Steve to Drury and Ryan Swan, who took over the men’s program two years ago after joining as an assistant the year that Steve came to Drury.

Alf Bilbao, on Recruiting and Coaching Steve

Ryan Swan, on Coaching Steve and the final word

    Drury Scoring Records

Most Goals in a Season
20 – Marco Cherisma 2007
17 –Steve Wilczewski 2009
16 –Josh Keisker 1996
15 -Micah Whorton 2009
15 –Chad Jaeger 1993
14 –Chad Jaeger 1992
13 –Steve Wilczewski 2008

Most Points in a Season
45 Micah Whorton 2009
44 Marco Cherisma 2007
40 Josh Keisker 1996
39 Steve Wilczewski 2009
37 Chad Jaeger 1993
32 Steve Wilczewski 2008
32 Chad Jaeger 1992

Most Goals in a Career
37 John Pedroli 1999-2002
35 Steve Wilczewski 2006-09
32 Jarrett Wagner 1993-96
31 Marco Cherisma 2007-08
30 Josh Keisker 1995-98
29 Chad Jaeger 1992-93

Most Assists in a Career
22 Micah Whorton 2007-present
19 Ben Taylor 2007-present
18 Andrew Bordelon 2007-present
15 Steve Wilczewski 2006-09
15 Tom Hoff 1999-2002
14 Josh Keisker 1995-98
14 Jason Price 1991-95
14 Jarrett Wagner 1993-96|
13 Ryan Ferguson 1998-00
12 John Pedroli 1999-2002
11 Chad Jaeger 1992-93

Most Points in a Career
85 Steve Wilczewski 2006-09
80 John Pedroli 1999-2002
78 Jarrett Wagner 1993-96
74 Josh Keisker 1995-98
72 Micah Whorton 2007-present
70 Marco Cherisma 2007-08
69 Chad Jaeger 1992-93

Most Goals Scored By Class: (eligibility)
Freshman: 10, Jarrett Wagner 1993
Sophomore: 16, Josh Keisker 1996
Junior: 20, Marco Cherisma, 2007
Senior: 17, Steve Wilczewski 2009

Drury Team Records
Most Wins/Season: 21, 2009
Most Consecutive Wins: 13, 2009
Home Winning Streak: 12, 2008-09
Most Ties/Season: 5, 2006
Most Shutouts (For): 14, 2009
Most Goals/Season: 63, 2009
Most Points/Season: 180, 2009
Fewest Goals Allowed: 11 2009
Most Assists/Season: 54, 2009

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Steve Wilczewski, Glendale Falcons (2006)

Steve Wilczewski, Glendale Falcons, 2005 District Final vs Rolla
Steve Wilczewski, Glendale Falcons, 2005 District Final vs Rolla

With today’s Drury Alumni game (5:00 pm at Harrison Stadium) I took some time this month to chat with a few folks who know the record-setting Drury Panther player well. Today we look back to his High School career in conversations with his Coaches, Jeff Rogers and Josh Keisker. Keisker is also a Drury alum and owns a few records of his own playing for the Panthers.

Jeff Rogers, Glendale Falcons Head Coach


The goal referenced by Coach Rogers, the game winner against Kickapoo in the Sectionals, 2005


How about that hard tackle by Alex Palmer, now a teammate. Here’s a partial list of players in this game who played college ball for Glendale: Stephen Conners (GK), Ben Hamilton, Andrew Parsons, Jared Dusha, Shawn Campbell, Danny Collins and for Kickapoo: Tyler Williams, Heath Melugin, Alex Palmer, Luke Prater, Zach Hay, Bryan Simpson, Adam Legg (GK)

Josh Keisker, Glendale Falcons Assistant Coach & Drury Panther soccer record holder


Glendale Falcons – Leading Assists Per Season
Name Position Grade Year Assists
Devon Newport Forward Senior 2008 23 (SLU Billikens)
Steve Wilczewski Forward Senior 2005 19
Ryan McGee Midfield Senior 1997 18
Chris Robinson Midfield Junior 2000 15 (Missouri State Bears)
Jared Jaeger Midfield Senior 1994 15 (Drury Panthers)

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