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Southwest Missouri Class 1 All-Region Soccer Honors

Eddie Aceves and Luis Gonzalez, Monett Cubs
The Southwest Missouri All-Region team for Class 1 has been announced. The Region includes Districts 9, 10, 11 and 12 encompassing 18 teams. Voting is done by the Coaches. Recognition for Conference, Regional and State awards is done by members of the Missouri State High School Soccer Coaches Association (MSHSSCA). The Springfield Catholic Fighting Irish represented the Region at the Final 4 while going on to earn their second straight Class 1 title. District winners included the Crocker Lions (9), Sacred Heart Gremlins (10) and Monett Cubs (12).

Player of the Year – Mitchell Moncada
Offensive Player of the Year – Robbie Mueller
Co-Defensive Player of the Year – Danny Renner
Co-Defensive Player of the Year – Garrett Strange
Goal Keeper of the Year – James Straus
Coach of the Year – Tom Guinn

Position,Player,,Year ,,School
MF,Brock Nolting,,SO,,Stover
MF,Jordan French,,JR,,Stover
GK,Evan Loyd,,SR,,Greenwood
F,Nick Hogan,,JR,,Greenwood
GK,Rich Heenan,,SR,,Crocker
F,Devyn Hair,,SO,,Crocker
MF,Eddie Aceves,,JR,,Monett
MF,Luis Gonzalez,,SR,,Monett
MF / F,Brandon Cooper,,SO,,Sacred Heart
Def,Garrett Strange,,SO,,Sacred Heart
F,Jimmy Villalobos,,JR,,Sacred Heart
F,Robbie Mueller,,SR,,Osage
Def,Jon Colgan,,SR,,Osage
F,Mitch Moncada,,SR,,Springfield Catholic
MF / F,Evan Craig,,SR,,Springfield Catholic
GK,James Straus,,SR,,Springfield Catholic
MF,Ryan Randell,,JR,,Springfield Catholic
Def,Danny Renner,,SR,,Springfield Catholic
MF / F,Reilly Harbach,,JR,,Springfield Catholic

Participating schools in order of District finish (top two) and seed (others)
District 9 – Crocker, Osage, Laquey, Richland
District 10 – Sacred Heart, Stover, Smithton, Cole Camp, Green Ridge
District 11 – Springfield Catholic, Greenwood, New Covenant, Fair Grove
District 12 – Monett, Cassville, College Heights, Aurora, Thomas Jefferson

Brantly Gossett, College Heights Cougars (2013)

Missouri Class 1 District 12 All-District Soccer Honors

Brantly Gossett, College Heights Cougars (2013)
Brantly Gossett, College Heights Cougars (2013)
The 2012 All-District Team for District 11 Class 1 schools has been announced. Recognition for District, Conference, Regional and State awards is done by members of the Missouri State High School Soccer Coaches Association (MSHSSCA).

The District includes the Aurora Houn Dawgs, Cassville Wildcats, College Heights Crusaders, Monett Cubs and Thomas Jefferson Cavaliers. The Monett Cubs won the District title in the first OT, 4-3 over Cassville.

1st Team All District
Eddie Aceves, Junior-Midfielder-Monett
Jorge Aceves, Senior-Defender-Monett
Luis Gonzales, Senior-Midfielder-Monett
Jairo Rueda, Sophomore- Striker-Monett
Indy Cole, Senior-GK-Cassville
David Verde, Senior-Striker-Cassville
Wyatt Lopez, Junior –Defender-Cassville
Brantly Gossett, Senior- Striker-College Heights
Dalton Zarrabi, Junior – Midfielder-College Heights
Mason Edwards, Senior – Keeper-Aurora
Dillon Mattox, Senior – Defender-Aurora
Alex Renfro, Freshmen- Midfield-Thomas Jefferson

2nd Team All District
Misael Cordeo, sophomore-Striker-Monett
Francisco Morales, Senior-Midfielder-Monett
Will Snider, Senior-Midfielder-Monett
Kendal Branham, Freshmen-Midfielder-Cassville
Brady Pry, Senior-Midfielder-Cassville
Zach McGuffey, Junior –Striker-Cassville
Josiah Braeckel, Senior – Midfielder-College Heights
Drew Satterfield, Senior – Defender-College Heights
Ryan Cummins, Senior – Striker-College Heights
Dylan Dodson, Senior – Striker-Aurora
Jordon Maddocks, Senior – Defender-Aurora
John Bowman, Senior-Striker-Thomas Jefferson
Matt Eads, Senior-Defender-Thomas Jefferson

Coaches – please send me your District and Conference awards at Ole@SGFsoccer.com so that we can recognize your players as well.