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Lake Country Soccer AGM Will Include Leadership Discussion

Bill Garoutte (and sons) at 2012 State Cup

The 2013 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will be held on Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 6:00pm. While not on their calender it can be found on their About Us page. While it has been held at LCS in recent years, you may want to contact Brenda Turnbull, LCS Board President at 844-9765 or abcturn@cebridge.net to confirm.

One topic on the agenda will be the recent announcement regarding Bill Garoutte, former Chief Executive Officer. From the email sent to Club members: Continue reading “Lake Country Soccer AGM Will Include Leadership Discussion”

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Help Wanted: Lake Country Soccer

Lake Country Soccer logoAn update on recent changes at Lake Country Soccer is in order. Let’s summarize…

The Lake Country Soccer Board, in conjunction with the City Parks, chose unanimously not to renew the contract of Executive Director Kelly Ross. The position, under contract with City Parks via the non-profit organization, runs from July 1st annually.

Business continues as usual with Katie Ellsworth, Facility Administrator and Sandi Hendricks, Membership Services being supported on a day-to-day basis by Board President Bill Garoutte.

Asked about the plans going forward, Garoutte noted several key steps that are being undertaken.
1. The Board is updating the organizations strategic plans, looking at 5-20 years out as needed for the capital intensive nature of the facility and
2. Once completed, the Board will then examine what their needs are with regard to senior staff. A new job description will be created and outreach will begin.

As noted earlier, the position has been a contract with City Parks which offered benefits related to facility maintenance and employee benefits. A decision on whether to continue in the same fashion will be made when the Board begins work on the second step noted above.

Lake Country Soccer did a wonderful job putting on the State Cup in June. This is also a positive and necessary step in my opinion. Garoutte was effusive in his praise of the many volunteers who were responsible for the quality of the games. Now is the time for everyone interested in the growth of the game to get involved.

Comments or questions can be directed to the staff members listed or Bill Garoutte, all familiar faces to visitors at the facility.

On a related note, the 2012 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Lake Country Soccer will be held on Thursday, November 8 at 6:00pm. Location TBD. Hors D’oeuvres and non-alcoholic beverages will be served.

Kelly Ross, Lake Country Soccer
Kelly Ross, Lake Country Soccer
Kelly Ross came to Springfield in 2006, becoming Executive Director in July shortly after Lake Country Soccer last hosted the Missouri State Cup. He joined LCS from the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association, where he was the Executive Director from September 1997 – January 2006 (8 years 5 months). During Kelly’s tenure at LCS, he and the Board received a significant donation from the McQueary and Cooper families which led to the resurfacing of what is now known as the Greenwood Field at Cooper Soccer Complex (aka Field #1). He discusses the contribution and plans in the video below.

He departs following the hosting of the 2012 Missouri State Cup that featured 176 teams from throughout the state. dubai arab escorts