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Southwest Class 2 All-Region Soccer Honors

Gage Scurlock, Rolla Bulldogs
The Southwest Missouri All-Region team for Class 1 has been announced. The Region includes Districts 9, 10, 11 and 12 encompassing  18 teams.  Voting is done by the Coaches. Recognition for Conference, Regional and State awards is done by members of the Missouri State High School Soccer Coaches Association (MSHSSCA). The Carthage Tigers represented the Region at the Final 4 as Finalists, falling to St Dominic in the title match. District winners included the St Francis Borgia (9), Rolla Bulldogs (10), Willard Tigers (11) and Carthage Tigers (12).

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Player of the Year – Ismael Serratos, Carthage
Offensive Player of the Year – Aaron Froehlich, Rolla
Defensive Player of the Year – Miseal Maturino, Carthage
Keeper of the Year – Gage Scurlock, Rolla
Coach of the Year – Jacob Osborne, Carthage

Position, Player Year School
F, Tucker Brown, 10, Logan-Rogersville
F, Josh Condren, 12, Bolivar
F, Jake Erwin, 11, Borgia
F, Aaron Froehlich, 11, Rolla
F, Brett Jackson, 12, Helias
F, TJ Prenger, 12, Helias
F, Ismael Serratos, 12, Carthage
F, Victor Marin, 10, Carthage
M, Alex Blechle, 12, Borgia
M, Matt Calvert, 12, Rolla
M, Erik Estrada, 12, Carthage
M, Mitchell Heinzler, 10, Republic
M, Victor Lopez, 12, Carthage
M, Kyle Pister, 11, Logan-Rogersville
M, Corey Popp, 12, Warrenton
B, Kevin Birk, 11, Borgia
B, Andrei Coit, 10, Union
B, Hugo Donjuan, 12, Republic
B, Avery Genovese, 11, Bolivar
B, Nate Kramme, 11, Rolla
B, Miseal Maturino, 12, Carthage
B, Reece West, 12, Helias
K, Dillon Myers, 12, Union
K, Gage Scurlock, 11, Rolla

Final standings-


Missouri Class 2 District 10 All-District Soccer Honors

Aaron Froehlich, Rolla Bulldogs
The 2012 All-District Team for District 10 Class 2 schools has been announced. Recognition for District, Conference, Regional and State awards is done by members of the Missouri State High School Soccer Coaches Association (MSHSSCA).

The District includes the Bolivar Liberators, Helias Catholic, Marshfield Tigers and Rolla Bulldogs. A brand new District line up this year as Rolla moved down to Class 2 and Helias joined familiar foes Bolivar and Marshfield. The Bulldogs won the District title, defeating Helias 3-2 in the title game.

Player of the Year- Aaron Froehlich, Rolla
Offensive Player of the Year- Brett Jackson, Helias
Co-Defensive Players of the Year- Nate Kramme, Rolla and Reece West, Helias
Keeper of the Year- Gage Scurlock, Rolla
Coach of the Year- Mike Howard, Rolla

1st Team,,,
Matt Calvert,Midfield,12,Rolla
Josh Condren ,Forward,12,Bolivar
Aaron Froehlich,Midfield,11,Rolla
Avery Genovese,Defender,11,Bolivar
Logan Houf,Midfield,11,Rolla
Brett Jackson,Forward,12,Helias
Koty Jones,Defender,12,Marshfield
Nate Kramme,Defender,11,Rolla
TJ Prenger,Forward,12,Helias
Gage Scurlock,Keeper,11,Rolla
Reece West ,Defender,12,Helias

Second Team,,,
Tyler Dickenson,Defender,10,Bolivar
Christian Harden,Defender,12,Marshfield
Michael Janke,Midfield,12,Rolla
Mark Mercurio,Midfield,12,Helias
Gage Mossman,Midfield,11,Bolivar
Sven Olberg,Defender,12,Rolla
Austin Parks,Midfield,11,Rolla
Logan Shea,Defender,12,Helias
Shane Shingleton,Forward,12,Marshfield
Hunter Short,Forward,11,Rolla
Chris Westermann,Defender,12,Helias

Hon. Men.,,,
Lucas Cole,Defender,12,Rolla
Lucas Day,Defender,12,Rolla
Kyle Daledovich,Keeper,11,Helias
Chase Kurtz,Midfield,11,Bolivar
Sean McCorkle,Midfield,12,Marshfield
Carson Mueller,Defender,11,Helias
Robert Norton,Midfield ,12,Marshfield
Patrick Phillips,Keeper,12,Bolivar
Trevor Stumbaugh,Midfield,12,Helias
Braden Toebben,Defender,11,Helias

Coaches – please send me your District and Conference awards at Ole@SGFsoccer.com so that we can recognize your players as well.