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Missouri Class 3 All-District 12 Honors

Miriam Melugin, Kickapoo Chiefs
Miriam Melugin, Kickapoo
Aspen Hawkins, Central Bulldogs (2014) enroute to game-winning goal
Aspen Hawkins, Central
The 2013 All-District Team for District 12 Class 3 schools has been announced. Recognition for District, Conference, Regional and State awards is done by members of the Missouri State High School Soccer Coaches Association (MSHSSCA).

CO -Player Of The Year: Miriam Melugin & Aspen Hawkins
Offensive MVP: Kenzie Dunaway
Defensive MVP: Natalie Closser
GK MVP: Molly Wassam
COY: Phil Hodge

The District includes the Central Bulldogs, Joplin Eagles, Kickapoo Chiefs and Parkview Vikings. The Chiefs won the District title 3-1 over Central, matching the boys team who won the title in the Fall of this school year. Continue reading “Missouri Class 3 All-District 12 Honors”

Molly Brewer, Glendale Falcons (2012)

Molly Brewer Leads All-Ozark Conference Honors for 2012

Molly Brewer, Glendale Falcons (2012)
Molly Brewer, Glendale Falcons (2012)
The All-Conference team for the Ozark Conference squad has been announced. The Conference includes Camdenton, Glendale, Hillcrest, Joplin, Kickapoo, Lebanon, Parkview, Rolla, Waynesville and West Plains. Voting is done by the Coaches. Recognition for Conference, Regional and State awards is done by members of the Missouri State High School Soccer Coaches Association (MSHSSCA). The Glendale Falcons repeat as the Conference Champions and it is their third title in three years, coinciding with their 3 trips to the Final 4 for this graduating class. More information on the Conference can be found on ZizzerSoccer.com where Coach Schmitt maintains Conference Records.

Player of the Year – Molly Brewer, Glendale
Coach of the Year – Jeff Rogers, Glendale

First Team
Brittany Baker, Senior, Defender, Kickapoo
Carsyn Beard, Senior, Defender, Lebanon
Molly Brewer, Senior, Forward, Glendale
Kelsie Cleeton, Freshman, Midfielder, Hillcrest
Amy Greene, Junior, Defender, Parkview
Nicole Howard, Sophomore, Forward, Rolla
Jourdan Kilthau, Junior, Defender, Waynesville
Kindra Lierz, Sophomore, Keeper, Glendale
Miriam Melugin, Sophomore, Midfielder, Kickapoo
Rhiannon Moore,Junior, Midfielder, Waynesville
Alix Opfer, Senior, Midfielder, Glendale
Kasey Shea Opfer, Freshman, Defender, Glendale
Whitney Snow, Sophomore, Midfielder, Camdenton
Kellie Stringer, Senior, Midfielder, Joplin
Miriam Taylor, Junior, Forward, Camdenton
Taylor Tronstad, Senior, Back, Rolla
Tasha Ugbah, Senior, Forward, West Plains
Kaitlyn Winking, Junior, Defender, Waynesville
Abigale Zimmerman, Senior, Forward, Lebanon

Second Team
Anna Banwart, Sophomore, Forward, Joplin
Rebecca Burton, Sophomore, Defender, Glendale
Emma Chilton, Sophomore, Midfielder, Parkview
Loriann Clark, Junior, Midfielder, Waynesville
Natalie Closser, Freshman, Defender, Kickapoo
Bailey Dent, Junior, Forward, Rolla
Kenzie Dunaway, Sophomore, Midfielder, Kickapoo
Cassie Hale, Senior, Keeper, Camdenton
Haley Harrison, Freshman, Forward, Hillcrest
Morgan Henry, Sophomore, Midfielder, Camdenton
Suzanne Hones, Junior, Back, West Plains
Meagan Morgan, Sophomore, Forward, Waynesville
Drianna Raff, Junior, Forward, Glendale
Elizabeth Sisson, Sophomore, Midfielder, Waynesville
Sarah Kate Sprouse, Junior, Defender, Glendale
Emilee Starnes, Junior, Midfielder, Lebanon
Desiree Strief, Senior, Defender, Lebanon
Kendra Wood, Senior, Midfielder, Rolla
Allison Yoakam, Junior, Midfielder, Glendale

Honorable Mention
London Clift, Freshman, Midfield, Rolla
Emily Courtney, Junior, Midfielder, Parkview
Natalie Craun, Freshman, Back, Rolla
Morgan Davis, Senior, Midielder/Defender, Joplin
Abby Greene, Sophomore, Defender, Glendale
Allison Halderman, Senior, Defender, Camdenton
Jada Hansmann, Sophomore, Keeper, West Plains
Brittni Morgan, Junior, Keeper, Lebanon
McKenzie Robbins, Freshman, Midfielder, Glendale
Grace Scheidemantle, Sophomore, Midfielder, Camdenton
Alexandria Timmons, Freshman, Defender, Waynesville
Courtney Wampler, Junior, Midfielder, Glendale
Casey Weitzel, Senior, Forward, Kickapoo
Kelsey Williams, Sophomore, Midfielder, Hillcrest
Tori Wood, Junior, Forward, Lebanon

School and OC Record
Glendale 9-0
Waynesville 7-2
Camdenton 6-3
Lebanon 6-3
Kickapoo 5-4
Rolla 5-4
Parkview 3-6
West Plains 2-7
Joplin 2-7
Hillcrest 0-9
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Aspen Hawkins, Central Bulldogs (2014) enroute to game-winning goal

Aspen Hawkins Leads All-District Soccer Honors, Missouri Class 3 District 12

Aspen Hawkins, Central Bulldogs (2014) enroute to game-winning goal
Aspen Hawkins, Central Bulldogs (2014) enroute to game-winning goal
The All-District team for Class 3 District 12 has been announced. The District includes the Carthage Tigers, Central Bulldogs, Joplin Eagles, Neosho Wildcats, Parkview Vikings and Willard Tigers. Voting is done by the Coaches. Recognition for Conference, Regional and State awards is done by members of the Missouri State High School Soccer Coaches Association (MSHSSCA). The Central Bulldogs are the 2012 District Champions.

MVP​ – Aspen Hawkins, ​Central ​MF
Offensive Player of the Year – ​Dylan Owens​, Willard ​F
Defensive Player of the Year​ – Amy Greene​, Parkview​ D
Goalie of the Year​ – Sarah Nichols​, Central ​GK
Coach of the Year​ – Chris Welch​, Central

1st team
Leigh Ann Craig ​- Carthage ​MF
Aspen Hawkins​ – Central​ MF
Sarah Nichols ​- Central​ GK
Analynn Salvato – ​Central ​F
Lauren Zeh​ – Central​ MF
Kellie Stringer – ​Joplin ​D
Paige O’Neill ​- Neosho ​MF
Emma Chilton ​- Parkview ​D
Amy Greene ​- Parkview​ D
Macie Cotter​ – Willard ​MF
Dylan Owens​ – Willard​ F
Torri Thomas – ​Willard​ D

2nd Team
Nicole Hitchcock – ​Carthage ​D
Jessica Marquez ​- Carthage ​MF
Rachel Busiek ​- Central ​D
Jena Parry​ – Central​ D
Kaitlin Toelke – ​Central ​D
Anna Banwart ​- Joplin​ F
Morgan Davis ​- Joplin ​MF​
Matty Leidtke ​- Neosho ​GK
Emily Courtney ​- Parkview​ GK
Amanda Leckrone ​- Parkview ​D
Lindsay Owens​ – Willard ​F
Jessie Stoll​ – Willard​ MF

Honorable Mention
Cynthia Naverrete – ​Carthage ​F
Josselyn Samuel ​- Carthage ​D
Melinda Qiao​ – Central ​M
Megan Stewart​ – Central ​D
Julia Lewis ​- Joplin ​D
Megan Rowe ​- Joplin​ GK
Lizzie Drake – ​Neosho ​D
Shelby Fletcher – ​Neosho ​D
Becca Castillo ​- Parkview​ F
Hannah Roberts ​- Parkview​ D
Makayla Bowling​ – Willard ​D
Miriam Dashtipour​ – Willard ​MF
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Kelsey Loderhose, Parkview Vikings (2011) by Joe George

Class 3 District 12 Soccer Honors

Kelsey Loderhose, Parkview Vikings (2011) by Joe George
Kelsey Loderhose, Parkview Vikings (2011) by Joe George
The Missouri Soccer Coaches Association poll of coaches has named their All-District Honors for Class 3 District 12, consisting of District Champions Parkview, District finalist Joplin along with Central, Carthage, Neosho and Willard.

District Player Of The Year: Kelsey Loderhose, Parkview Vikings

Offensive Player Of The Year: Aspen Hawkins, Central Bulldogs

Defender Of The Year:

Goal Keeper Of The Year: Brittaney Dunn, Willard Tigers

1st Team
Player School Position Year School Position Year
Leigh-Ann Craig Joplin Eagles M 2014
Ashley Norman Joplin Eagles F 2011
Anna Banwart Joplin Eagles F 2014
Aspen Hawkins Central Bulldogs M 2014
Maddison McBurnie Central Bulldogs M 2011
Kelsey Loderhose Parkview Vikings F 2011
Emily Courtney Parkview Vikings M 2013
McKenzi Payton Parkview Vikings D 2011
Allison Bennett Carthage Tigers D 2011
Brittany Copeland Neosho Wildcats M 2011
Macie Cotter Willard Tigers M 2013
Savanna Patillo Willard Tigers M 2014
Second Team
Madi George Parkview Vikings GK 2011
Emma Chilton Parkview Vikings M 2014
Anna Withers Parkview Vikings D 2011
Amy Greene Parkview Vikings D 2013
Tristen Bass Carthage Tigers M 2011
Paige O’Neill Neosho Wildcats M 2013
Kellie Stringer Joplin Eagles D 2012
Lauren Thompson Joplin Eagles D 2011
Morgan Davis Joplin Eagles GK 2012
Analynn Salvato Central Bulldogs F 2014
Amy Allen Central Bulldogs D 2011
Honorable Mention
Julia Lewis Joplin Eagles D 2012
Kim Campbell Joplin Eagles M 2011
Erin Ferguson Neosho Wildcats D 2011
Reba Potts Neosho Wildcats F 2013
Becca Castillo Parkview Vikings F 2012
Holly Messick Parkview Vikings D 2011
Molly Robb Parkview Vikings M 2011
Olivia Solari Parkview Vikings M 2011
Sarah Giddins Central Bulldogs D 2011
Alania Jones Central Bulldogs GK 2013

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Big O Sports Features The Parkview Vikings

Kelsey Loderhose, Parkview Vikings (2010)
Kelsey Loderhose, Parkview Vikings (2010)
Nice to see the local sports magazine feature the Girls High School game. Writer Logan Hoffman (Drury 2008) offers a look at the team and one of it’s key players, Jessica Maerz, in a story on pages 26-27. Click on this link and then navigate to the page to read the story. As Jessica notes, she’ll probably play a similar role on her Lynn Fighting Knight’s squad. The defensive responsibilities she and her back line partners – McKenzie Payton, Holly Messick, Aubrey Durst and Amy Greene (the last two are freshman) – provide in front of senior Caylin Manary ensure the team is competitive and are in a position to challenge this year.

As the Rolla Bulldogs will attest this year however, you need to score to win. The key to Parkview’s success this year points to the revival of Kelsey Loderhose in partnership with Shelby Stewart up top. Her 12 goals rank 2nd on the team behind Stewart’s 13 and give the Viking’s three real threats. Only Glendale has comparable depth. vip escort dubai