Recruiting 101

This is a resource page for students and parents who are pursuing college soccer playing opportunities. Check out the articles I have written or that have been contributed under Recruiting.

Some basics:
1. Do NOT pay a recruiting service. The College Coaches I have discussed this with feel that the services do not deliver qualified prospects to them. They would rather hear from your son or daughter directly. That has multiple benefits – the Coach knows you are interested in the school and you establish a direct relationship with them.
2. A recruiting video will not earn you a scholarship. The vast majority offer little value to a Coach who’s time is limited. A WELL CRAFTED LETTER introducing your child to the Coach and offering the information the Coach needs. See step 3!
3. DO complete the Recruiting Form that is available on most college program websites AND follow up that contact with a phone call to introduce yourself. This will give the Coach the information they need to have an informed discussion with your son or daughter, begin establishing a relationship with them and allow for future conversations at Showcases, Camps and other options available for learning more about a program and a school.
4. DO spend your money on attending one or more College Camps. That is the single best environment for your child to learn more about a school, a program and a Coach. It also offers a Coach the best opportunity to see your daughter or son in both practice and playing environments over several days.

Youtube College Recruiting Playlist – this is my collection of interviews with College Coaches I have met since beginning this website in 2005. It is the basis of my recommendations.

NCAA Student Resource Guide – Excellent starting point for parents and students to learn about NCAA rules. This 24 page document focuses on academic eligibility, background on athletically related Financial Aid and the recruiting process and rules.

NCAA Eligibility Center – a general starting point that will introduce you to the academic requirements and processes. Especially important for D1/D2 revenue programs (football, basketball) but useful for soccer players as well.

NAIA Eligibility Center

NCAA Recruiting definitions – Learn about the recruiting cycle and the rules. Includes information on Contact, Contact period, Dead period, Evaluation, Evaluation period, Official visits, Quiet period, Unofficial visits and Verbal commitment. These are all part of the College Coaches recruiting language and responsibilities.

NCAA Division I recruiting Guidelines – this is the Off-Campus Recruiting Guidel, Effective August 1, 2010

National Letter of Intent – FAQ’s on the NLI and what it means. You are required to have a Clearinghouse ID which is obtained via the Eligibility Center link above. When you sign the National Letter of Intent you agree to attend for ONE academic year the institution listed on the Letter in exchange for that institution awarding athletics financial aid for ONE academic year.

If you would like to contribute to this effort, or have more specific questions, feel free to contact me.