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moats miller haist, Nixa Eagles

Haist and Moats On Their Win Over Catholic (my 5000th story)

moats miller haist, Nixa Eagles
Lauren Moats, Kristin Miller, Kelsey Haist, Nixa Eagles (Sectional, 2010)
I’ve been covering your kids for six years and this post is number 5000 in that time period. Add in 21K photos on my photo site and 25K photos on my old photo site and this is video 380. Compare that to the coverage the News-Leader offers. One story so far this season, a half dozen during the season plus their post-season coverage. How am I doing?

I need your support to continue this effort. Purchasing photos is the most important thing you can do to help me cover my costs (camera and video gear, website and photo site hosting, travel and my time). Please take the time to visit the photo site and make a purchase. You can get playing cards, mugs, anything that can be printed on. Be creative, share your kids accomplishments with your family in fun ways. Thank you to all who have done so already!

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate reaching this milestone 5000th story than sharing this post-game interview with the midfield duo at Nixa. Senior Kelsey Haist, headed for Missouri Southern in the Fall, and Lauren Moats, 1st Team All-State as a sophomore, set the tone for the Eagles and it’s one of quiet confidence, based upon delivering on the pitch. It also speaks to the development of the team, beaten last year in the Quarterfinals by Rock Bridge, who wore them down. The Eagles appear to have learned their lesson in that regard.


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