The mission of this site is to be an advocate for the game of futbol, or soccer, in the Southwest Missouri region, with Springfield as it’s starting point. The goal is to provide a place that the players can come to and be recognized for their efforts on behalf of their schools and their clubs and the region. Hopefully it will also become a place that players and coaches from outside the area can come to and aid in their decision to come play the game in this area or to recruit players from the area. The game we love is a competitive endeavor but I also believe that we will all benefit from the overall improvement in the game, the players and the facilities that support our combined efforts.

On a personal note, the site is the creation of Steve Ole Olson. I am a marketing & sales consultant by day while this site, and the game of soccer, is my avocation. I learned the game of soccer in St. Louis, playing in a variety of men’s leagues throughout the area and earning my F, E & D Missouri licenses in the 80′s when the program was run by Harry Keough, Bob Guelker and Ed Hueneke (current coach at SIU-Edwardsville). I played in indoors and outdoor amateur leagues several times a week, managed teams and an adult coed small-side league and coached several women’s teams that play in the IWSL in Chicago in the 90′s. I spent the summer of 1995 working for Aleks Mihailovic and his Soccer Made in America (SMIA)summer camps program as a Youth Coach. I have also recently earned my US Amateur License. All of which means I know enough to know that there is always more to learn. Hopefully this site will help me accomplish that.

I was a camera geek before I became a soccer player and worked at what is now the Post-Dispatch Suburban Journals covering High School sports from 1974-1976. I also had several hundred photos included in the University of Missouri – Rolla yearbooks from 1976-1978 while attending school. It is the opportunity to combine my love of photography with my new found experience providing video coverage and learning about multimedia tools and the internet that I most enjoy about this site.