Kickapoo Shootout 2017


Eureka fans at Kickapoo ShootoutHa, just messing with you. I don’t suspect you’ll need to prepare as well as these Eureka fans at the 2009 Kickapoo Shootout, the days are much warmer now albeit unsettled. Don’t forget to follow @KickapooSoccer this weekend.


A bit different model this year. Games begin tonight for the Brown Division which is now a round-robin featuring Kickapoo, Willard, Smith-Cotton and Jackson. Full schedule below.

The Gold Division adheres to the traditional bracket model and begins Friday. Locally, Nixa, Glendale and Carl Junction are participating, both Hickman and Jefferson City from Central Missouri while Timberland from STL, Kearney from KC and Popular Bluff from down the road.

In case you missed it, Ozarks Sports Zone released their latest rankings. Link below. It includes #4 Kickapoo in the Gold Division while #5 Nixa and #8 Glendale are part of the Brown Division. Hickman comes in at #8 in the first State Poll and Jackson is #10 with Nixa getting a vote in Class 4.

Gold Division

Thu5:00 PMJackson v Willard8-0 Jackson
Thu7:00 PMKickapoo v Smith-Cotton2-1 Kickapoo
Fri5:00 PMSmith-Cotton v Jackson5-0 Indians
Fri5:00 PMWillard v Kickapoo4-0 Chiefs
Sat11:30 AMJackson v Kickapoo1-0 Chiefs
Sat11:30 AMSmith-Cotton v Willar

All games played on turf =

Brown Division

Fri2:00 PMGlendale v Jeff City2-1 Falcons
Fri4:00 PMHickman v Poplar Bluff3-2 Kewpies
Fri6:00 PMNixa v Kearney4-2 Bulldogs
Fri8:00 PMTimberland v Carl Junction3-2 in 2nd OT for Class 4 Wolves
Sat8:00 AMNixa v Poplar Bluff7-0 Eagles
Sat9:45 AMKearney v Hickman5-2 Kearney
Sat8:00 AMJeff City v Carl Junction2-0 Jays
Sat9:45 AMGlendale v Timberland4-2 Timberland
Sat1:15 PM5th Place - Nixa v Jeff City1-0 (PKs) Nixa
Sat1:15 PM7th Place - Poplar Bluff v Carl JunctionGrass
Sat3:00 PM3rd Place - Glendale v Hickman
2-0 Kewpies
Sat3:00 PMChampionship -
Kearney v Timberland
1-0 Kearney are Champions

Games played at KHS on the grass and the turf football field.

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