Lake Country Soccer AGM Will Include Leadership Discussion

Bill Garoutte (and sons) at 2012 State Cup

The 2013 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will be held on Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 6:00pm. While not on their calender it can be found on their About Us page. While it has been held at LCS in recent years, you may want to contact Brenda Turnbull, LCS Board President at 844-9765 or to confirm.

One topic on the agenda will be the recent announcement regarding Bill Garoutte, former Chief Executive Officer. From the email sent to Club members:

Lake Country Board of Directors is announcing a change in leadership at Lake Country Soccer. As of Monday, November 11, 2013, Bill Garoutte will no longer be the Chief Executive Officer. The Board would like to thank Bill for his service over the last 16 months and wish him well. An extensive search for Bill’s replacement will be started immediately. If you have any soccer issues that cannot be handled by LCS staff, please contact me at 844-9765 or Thank you

Brenda Turnbull
LCS Board President

In accordance with the LCS Constitution, (bylaw 2004), Section 2004a. – There shall be an Annual General Meeting (AGM) held the second Thursday in November in each calendar year for the purposes of election of Officers and representatives, consideration of a budget for the fiscal year, consideration of amendments to the Constitution & bylaws, policies, regulations and any other necessary business.

In accordance with Bylaw 2010 – MEMBER VOTING RIGHTS
Section 2010a. Each member in “good standing” shall have voting powers as set forth in the Constitution & Bylaws of this organization. Voting shall be one (1) vote per each registered team which competes, or competed in the Lake Country Soccer, previous fall or current spring outdoor league.

Section 2010.a.1. Membership may be granted to any properly registered team or teams in age groups where Lake Country Soccer does not host a league in an age group for the fall or spring outdoor seasons.