Lydia Holtmann, Springfield Catholic 2014/Springfield SC 95/96

Lydia Holtmann Named Class 1 Player of the Year

2013 Girls Class 1 All-State
Co-Player of the Year
Lydia Holtmann, Springfield Catholic
Haylee Eastridge, St. Pius X (Festus)

Offensive Player of the Year
Katie Sloan, Barstow

Defensive Player of the Year
Christina Hovatter, St. Pius (Festus)

Goalkeeper of the Year
Anna Lillig, St. Pius (KC)

Coach of the Year
Private – Dan Bokern, St. Pius X (Festus)
Public – Bayo Joachim, Maryville

Final Team Rankings
1. Duchesne
2. St Pius X (Festus)
3. O’Hara
4. Springfield Catholic
5. Saxony Lutheran
6. Kennedy
7. Maryville
8. Barstow
9. Pembroke Hill
10. Lutheran St Charles
10. Osage