Missouri State Cup Final Weekend

James Straus (SSC/Catholic) saves against SLSG Elite, 2012 Cup
James Straus (SSC/Catholic) saves against SLSG Elite, 2012 Cup

The final weekend of play for the season kicks off Saturday in Springfield. Unlike previous years, I am not covering the matches live. I’m going to go off on a bit of a rant regarding MYSA and the reason why, so if you have no interest, skip over the next few paragraphs straight to my story on who is still standing in the chase for a State title.

Due to a change in policy by Jake Griesenauer of Missouri Youth Soccer Association, I have chosen not to cover the State Cup tournament live. Since I can’t find anything on their website regarding the change, I’ll share the salient piece from his email last October:

For future events, if you (or any other photographer) intends to take pictures for the purpose of making money, then we will have to have a structured contract prior to the event. If you are there just to cover the event and provide content for your site, with no intention of selling photos, then we have no issues with you being there as long as it is not a distraction to the teams or officials.

As I shared with Jake, the sale of photographs is how I fund my efforts to document the beautiful game on this site. It’s also standard policy for media outlets such as the Post-Dispatch, KC Star and Springfield News-Leader to sell photos they take at public events they cover. The new policy therefor eliminates those outlets as well unless they change their procedures for MYSA. The only alternative you have for professional photos (no editorial coverage) therefore is pay-to-play. It also means that instead of covering teams playing for the State Cup, I’ll spend my time covering other Club Soccer events. Given the increasing fragmentation of Club Soccer (documented here) I’ll go where my efforts are appreciated. If you have an opinion, feel free to leave a comment or contact MYSA.

Now back to the games I’m not shooting photos or video of …

State Cup Final Weekend
I’ve provided the schedule for each Age Group and below that a brief summary of how the teams got there. I’ll update throughout the course of the weekend as results come in (IYSA provides timely updates via Facebook but for MYSA you’ll need to check their website) if I haven’t gotten word via Twitter or text.

If you are on site this weekend, add #SoccerSTL to your tweet so I’ll see it or text me at 314-643-6689 and I’ll add the info here. Goal scorers names are also appreciated.

The details are on my SoccerSTL.net website, a separate story for each gender – State Cup Boys, Age Groups U12 – U19 and State Cup Girls, Age Groups U12-U14 and U19

Springfield SC has 4 teams that advanced to the knockout round, including the U18 boys who won as U16 players and are looking to get back to the winners circle. Get out and support this weekend!
U14 Boys semifinal – Saturday 9:00 am at LCS04
U16 Boys semifinal – Saturday 9:00 am at Cooper 3
U18 Boys Final – Sunday 12:00 pm at Cooper 1
U19 Boys Final – Sunday 9:00 am at Cooper 1