Kindra Lierz, Glendale Falcons

All – Ozark Conference Soccer Honors

Kindra Lierz, Glendale Falcons
Kindra Lierz, Glendale Falcons

The 2013 All-Conference Team for the Ozark Conference schools has been announced. Recognition for District, Conference, Regional and State awards is done by members of the Missouri State High School Soccer Coaches Association (MSHSSCA).

Player of the Year: Kindra Lierz, GK, Glendale Falcons
Coach of the Year: Jeff Rogers, Glendale Falcons

The Conference includes Camdenton Lakers, Glendale Falcons, Hillcrest Hornets, Joplin Eagles, Kickapoo Chiefs, Lebanon Yellowjackets, Parkview Vikings, Rolla Bulldogs, Waynesville Tigers and West Plains Zizzers .  The Glendale Falcons won the Conference title with a 9-0 record. The Rolla Bulldogs and Camdenton Lakers finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

All-Ozark-Conference First Team
Anna Banwart, 11th, Forward, Joplin
Rebecca Burton, 11th, Defender, Glendale
Kelsie Cleeton, 10th, Midfielder, Hillcrest
London Clift, 10th, Defender, Rolla
Kenzie Dunaway, 11th, Midfielder, Kickapoo
Morgan Henry, 11th, Midfielder, Camdenton
Nicole Howard, 11th, Forward, Rolla
Katie Hudson, 9th, Keeper, Rolla
Amy Jernigan, 11th, Midfielder, Rolla
Kindra Lierz, 11th, Keeper, Glendale
Miriam Melugin, 11th, Midfielder, Kickapoo
Rhiannon Moore, 12th, Midfielder, Waynesville
Tyra Moore, 10th, Forward, Parkview
Megan Morgan, 11th, Midfielder, Waynesville
Kasey Shea Opfer, 10th, Midfielder, Glendale
Drianna Raff, 12th, Forward, Glendale
Megan Rowe, 10th, Keeper, Joplin
Whitney Snow, 11th, Midfielder, Camdenton
Sarah Kate Sprouse, 12th, Defender, Glendale
Miriam Taylor, 12th, Forward, Camdenton
Kaitlyn Winking, 12th, Defender, Waynesville
Tori Wood, 12th, Forward, Lebanon

All-Ozark-Conference Second Team
Name, Grade, Position, School
Molly Banwart, 10th, Defender, Joplin
Kate Beckham, 10th, Midfielder, Joplin
Camia Blash, 10th, Forward, Waynesville
Emma Chilton, 11th, Midfielder, Parkview
Natalie Closser, 10th, Defender, Kickapoo
Abby Greene, 11th, Defender, Glendale
Amy Greene, 12th, Defender, Parkview
Makayla Hildebrand, 12th, Midfielder, Lebanon
Brianna Hilton, 11th, Defender, Kickapoo
Suzanne Hones, 12th, Defender, West Plains
Mikaela Insall, 12th, Midfielder, Rolla
Kallie Jones, 9th, Midfielder, Hillcrest
Emma Laney, 9th, Forward, Rolla
Brynn Proffitt, 9th, Forward, Rolla
McKenzie Robbins, 10th, Forward, Glendale
Jessie Rogers, 11th, Midfielder, Glendale
Elizabeth Sisson, 11th, Midfielder, Waynesville
Allison Smith, 10th, Defender, Camdenton
Megan Weber, 12th, Forward, Camdenton
Allison Yoakam, 12th, Defender, Glendale

All-Ozark-Conference Honorable Mention
Kaley Caracci, 11th, Waynesville
Kaelyn Cleeton, 10th, Hillcrest
Emily Courtney, 12th, Parkview
Jada Hansmann, 11th, West Plains
Haley Harrison, 10th, Hillcrest
Abbey Johnson, 10th, Lebanon
Lesley Larson, 12th, Waynesville
Maggie Miller, 11th, Joplin
Danielle Pearce, 10th, Glendale
Annie Powell, 12th, Glendale
Faith Scheidemantle, 10th, Camdenton
Grace Scheidemantle, 11th, Camdenton
Carly Shannon, 12th, West Plains
Courtney Wampler, 12th, Glendale
Taylor Winking, 10th, Waynesville

2013 Ozark Conference Standings
OC Record
West Plains