MLS Cup Today

brad-davis-houston-dynamoPlenty has been written about the match, the key information is below. There is a significant St Louis presence, if you aren’t aware already, with the Houston Dynamo will featuring Brad Davis (Chaminade/SLU) and Will Bruin (DeSmet/Indiana) while the LA Galaxy will likely feature Tommy Meyer (SLUH/Indiana) with Pat Noonan (DeSmet/) coming off the bench while Chris Klein (DeSmet) is a VP on the LA Galaxy staff.

What: 2012 MLS Cup
When: 3:30 pm, Saturday December 1st

Brad Davis (@bradsbrigade) was chosen as the Dynamo MVP for the fourth straight year and he’s itching to play after missing last’s years loss to LA due to injury.

For Will Bruin (@wbruin) and Tommy Meyer, the former Indiana teammates may be playing directly against each other much like all those practices in Bloomington. It looks positive it will happen when your team posts stories like this – Chronicling Tommy Meyer’s rise from STL to MLS Cup. Ive’s thinks the matchup is one of five worth noting.

What to expect? If you can’t tell who I’m rooting for, check the picture again. Will Parchman of No Short Corners offers his look at the LA Galaxy and here are his thoughts on the Houston Dynamo.