Good News From Mountain View and Willow Springs

Cynthia Navarette (Carthage) battles Laken Cooley (Mt View)
Cynthia Navarette (Carthage) battles Laken Cooley (Mt View) in 2011
From the Howell County News comes Soccer deal one step closer for LHS, WSHS

The Willow Springs and Mountain View-Birch Tree school boards have approved a high school cooperative sponsorship in girls’ soccer, in which Willow Springs girls would play on the Liberty High School soccer team.

Willow Springs parent Katie Sherbo and others spoke to the MVBT board about the partnership Thursday.

“We are asking if you would consider approving that agreement,” said Sherbo, who indicated there was in interest at the junior high level as well.

Superintendent Jerry Nicholson said the proposal had been approved by the Willow Springs school board and that, if approved by the MVBT board, it would go to the Missouri State High School Athletics Association for final approval.

“This agreement would be for two years,” explained Sherbo. “It has to be in place by May 1 and has to be approved by MSHHA.”

I like the tone of the story and the discussion. The communities appear to be thinking of the girls first. Well done and let’s hope it gets done!