Supa Strikas

I imagine there are more than a few of you who have no idea who the guy who runs this website is. That’s the nature of a sport that sees regular turnover in players (and thus fans of this site) on an annual basis as kids grow up and move on. For the truly curious, I’d suggest you click on a few of the links above which offer plenty of background. The short story (not easy for me if you’ve met me) is I moved here in 2002 in order to be closer to one of my sisters and her kids. The two boys both played for Glendale, my niece played for Pershing. I coached her one year, in 2005. Two of the sixth graders on that team are seniors this year for the Falcons – Jacinda Lemons and Erica Torgerson.

My other sister has a boy who plays CYC soccer in South County, St Louis (U10). I bring this up because it’s late, I’m feeling loquacious, and its background on why this story caught my eye.

I love reading and think it’s one of the best things anyone can do for R&R and learning. My nephew is turning 10 in March so I’m challenged to find appropriate material for him. Fortunately, Springfield has a wonderful resource for parents of elementary and middle school kids. There is a local teacher and blogger who is a comic book fan. He’s discovered, and applies on a daily basis in his classroom, the benefits of reading by using comics to pull the kids in. He recently posted about this comic book series and it’s on my birthday shopping list for Eric and I thought a few of you might appreciate it as well.

The Graphic Classroom is written by Chris Wilson – Supa Strikers

SUPA STRIKAS is a South African soccer comic and animated series that is gaining popularity, so much so that CNN covered the comic. Now it’s time for me to try to get my hands on it. I know some kids that would come unglued at the opportunity to read an ongoing soccer comic. Several issues are available free online.

CNN – Football comic book scoring big around the world


Cape Town, South Africa (CNN) — He is one of Africa’s brightest footballing talents, with a reputation that’s spreading around the world. His name is Shakes — a brash young striker known for his “lethal combination of skill and determination” and his signature move — the bicycle kick.

But he’s unlikely to be signed by Real Madrid or Chelsea any time soon, because Shakes is strictly 2D — the star of the hugely popular South African comic series Supa Strikas.

In the course of 10 years and 100 issues it has grown from a weekly insert in a South African newspaper to a comic book and animated TV series.

There’s video on the CNN site as well 🙂

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