Scott Bailes with daughter Tara, 2005 Class 1 Quarterfinals

How Do You Support Your Team?

Scott Bailes with daughter Tara, 2005 Class 1 Quarterfinals
Scott Bailes with daughter Tara, 2005 Class 1 Quarterfinals
from the Daily Herald story Unassuming McBride’s soccer resume hard to match

The story goes something like this:

A man is sitting in a folding chair along the sidelines of his child’s suburban youth soccer game, watching quietly and intently. Another parent approaches and begins a polite conversation. Eventually the conversation turns back to the game, and it went something like this:

“Do you know much about soccer?” the second parent asks the first.

“A little bit,” Brian McBride says with a smile.

Dina McBride, Brian’s wife, knows that moment well.

“I think that story comes from the first year that we signed up our daughter for kindergarten soccer,” said Dina. “I said something that if he ever wanted Brian to help out when he had free time, he would. (The coach) said to me, Oh, did he ever play soccer? I just kind of put it off. I didn’t want the coach to feel like it wasn’t his job. So I said, yeah, he’s played and he’d love to help if he can.

“And then (the coach) spoke to the next teammate on the phone right afterwards and they said, you do know who you were talking to who just said that their husband would be willing to help? He laughed. He couldn’t believe it.

“(Brian) enjoys just being a parent. We have amazing coaches. Our daughter has a coach who knows tons about soccer, so it’s fun for (Brian) to just sit back and watch them and cheer them on. He’s not one of those parents who wants to jump up and take over. He’s happy with the parents we have, and happy watching his kids.”

The story comes from the Daily Herald in McBride’s hometown of Arlington Heights, IL (a Northern suburb of Chicago) as McBride has announced his plans to retire from soccer.

Whether it’s true or apocryphal, the story speaks volumes about McBride the person – he’s just that modest and unassuming – because McBride is simply the most accomplished and respected American soccer player ever. Landon Donovan might be the most talented American ever, and someday his resume might surpass McBride’s, but for now McBride is at the top of the list. Not even goalkeepers Kasey Keller and Brad Friedel can touch McBride, who last week announced his retirement as a player at the end of the Fire’s season.

When another American has a pub named for him in an English Premier League stadium, then we’ll consider updating the list.

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