Siemen’s Turblex Springfield Preparing For World Cup 2010

Siemen's Energy Springfield Preparing for World Cup 2010
Siemen's Energy Springfield Preparing for World Cup 2010
So what are your plans for the 2010 World Cup, now a mere 31 days away? There’s a great local story I’m happy to be able to share with you. The local Siemen’s Turblex office has been chosen to compete in the Siemen’s “We Are Energy” campaign that includes a worldwide soccer tournament among their plants throughout the world. Here’s what local participant Nathan Averett has to say:

Siemens Energy is hosting a worldwide soccer tournament as part of the “We Are Energy!” campaign. The soccer tournament will be June 12 -13 2010 in Erlangen, Germany on the Siemens sports grounds. There will be 40 teams from 24 countries attending. The teams are made up of 10 players both male and female and must be Siemens Energy employees. Siemens Energy is sponsoring this event including our transportation to Germany and lodging. I have heard the lodging only consists of tents and cots but that is only a minor inconvenience for a free trip.

Many teams must qualify for the final tournament. Thus far there have been four qualification tournaments. The first was held in Shanghai, China on April 10, 2010. There were 16 teams competing to represent the North East Asia Cluster. Two teams won the privilege to go to Germany. The champion was the “Beijing Oilers” and the runner up was “Storm”. The next tournament was in Grenoble, France. Five teams played and the winning team was chosen to go to Germany. On April 17, 2010 another qualifying tournament was held in Berlin, Germany. 15 teams competed and one team, the “KWU All-Stars,” was selected for the final tournament. The latest qualifying tournament was held in Erlangen, Germany on April 24, 2010. 39 teams competed on two teams, “Trafowerk Nuremberg” and “Allstars Controlling,” were selected.

The Turblex team got an easy ticket to Germany. We have already been pre-selected for the final tournament without any qualifying. After seeing many teams competing already for this event we definitely feel the need to practice even harder. We began practicing together for this event about a month ago. We currently have practice almost daily during the work week. With only six weeks left until the tournament there is not much time left.

The Turblex team consists of Ricardo Alzate, Nathan Averett, Fernando Blanco, Dale Buechler, Carlos Callender, Chad Cantrell, Eli Casillas, Doug Hopper, Adam Reighard, and Sean Schwendinger.

What a great opportunity. Free beer! Look for more reports from Nathan as they prepare for the event and when they get to Germany. Thanks fellows!
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