How Was Your Weekend?

I ask that question as a prelude to sharing Andy Wilkinson’s weekend with you from last week. As you can see in the photos, he covered a lot of bases. He started his road trip with a drive from Joplin up to Kansas City to enjoy the KC Wizards game against the LA Galaxy on Saturday. From there he headed to St Louis where he participated in the St Louis Athletica game against the FC Gold Pride. The Women’s Professional Soccer match was held at the A-B Soccer Complex, was broadcast live on Fox Soccer Channel and included Andy as AR2.

Congrats to one of our region’s up-and-coming referee’s, as Andy is actively pursuing his National license. Thanks for the photos Andy. Oh, and to address any questions… That’s Jack Jewsbury in the first, Beckham in the second, Andy’s on the far left in the third (not the little girl, the ref!) and that’s Hope Solo bending over in front of Andy as he check’s the nets prior to the start of the game. Apparently his buddies were a bit enamored of Hope and so most of his photos are of the US goalkeeper!