Drury Panthers Men Begin Preseason Trip To England

Drury Panthers logoThe Panther’s took off on Monday morning for England where they will be touring and playing a series of games against local opponents as part of their preseason training this year. It’s a trip the NCAA allows once every four years and a new tradition that Coach Bilbao brought with from his time at Truman State. Junior Grant Bowden will be offering a daily report during the road trip, the first of which waxes eloquently about the overnight travel leading up to their arrival in London Tuesday. I would have hoped to have them blogging on my site but the Panther’s have rightly figured out that the traffic should come to their website. And when Grant gets back, I’ll have to ask him how he knows the sizes of small prison cells.

So, visit DruryPanthers.com for the latest on the trip to England. The ladies head for Italy for a trip of their own later this week.