Royal Engineers AFC Playing Two Games Locally

180px-royal20engineersFrom the Waynesville Daily Guide:

The Royal Engineers Association Football Club from the United Kingdom is scheduled to take on an all-Fort Leonard Wood team at 6 p.m., June 3, at Soccer Field No. 2.

From Wikipedia, we discover that The Royal Engineers AFC is a football team founded in 1863, under the leadership of Major Marindin of the Corps of Royal Engineers, the Sappers. They enjoyed a great deal of success in the 1870s, winning the FA Cup in 1875. They are also credited with being an early proponent of the “beautiful game” in their development of the modern passing game.

The current incarnation of the team tours internationally on a regular basis and is making their first trip to the US this year. In addition to their game Wednesday against the Ft Leonard Wood squad, they will play in Springfield on Wednesday June 10th against the Springfield SC U23 squad. Details will follow soon. woman escort

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  1. Royal Engineers 7 FLW 0
    It was fun to watch the Brits. They were big and tactically superior. I hope a good crowd turns out when they play in Springfield.

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