This Week In Ozarks Soccer

One week to go before High School practice begins but the folks in Joplin are already excited about the upcoming season. The video features Joplin Eagle’s Coach Ed Miller discussing all things soccer on the Joplin High School TV network. It includes an update on the contributions the Eagle’s made to the Missouri Southern Lion’s women’s squad and an update on who to watch on the Eagle’s team this Spring.

One week. I was going to have a redesigned Springfield Soccer website up prior to the start of the Girls season so if that’s the case, I’m going to have to put the pedal to the metal. Maybe I won’t count practice as part of the season…

I need your help. I’m going to put a few polls up, to confirm what I think I know about this website and your interests. The more of you that offer an opinion (once) the better off we’ll all be.

The Champion’s League is down to the Round of 16, with first legs scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday this week. There are UEFA Champions League – LIVE! broadcasts to enjoy:
Tuesday 1:30 pm on ESPN2 – FC Internazionale Milano vs. Manchester United FC
Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (Inter And Milan) Milan, Italy
Wednesday 1:30 pm on ESPN2 – Chelsea FC vs. Juventus FC
Stamford Bridge (Chelsea) London, England

I’ll be at Quincy Magoo’s taking in the games, come out and join me and help sell the owners on the value of advertising to the soccer community.

There are also late games to enjoy on ESPN Classic:
Tuesday 4:00 pm – Olympique Lyonnais vs. FC Barcelona
Stade de Gerland Lyon, France
Tuesday 6:00 pm – UEFA Champions League Today
Wednesday 4:00 pm – Real Madrid CF vs. Liverpool
Estadio Santiago Bernabeu Madrid, Spain
Wednesday 6:00 pm – UEFA Champions League Today

Oh, and for those of you who are still paying attention to this nonsense, the Editor of the student paper at Southwest Baptist contacted me today about this story and another one coming up:

I’m the managing editor for our student newspaper: the Omnibus. On Wednesday, I have a comprehensive story of the Wade firing. I have reactions from the soccer girls and an objective view. It might interest your readers to find out how SBU handled this situation.

Given my experiences with Southwest Baptist, I would have to question the use of the term objective but I should reserve judgment about a student paper on a highly conservative campus possibly diving into areas that might be negative to the administration or call into question the process. Maybe they’ll surprise me.

By the way, I think SBU did the right thing by firing Coach Wade. He indicated where his priorities were at with the choice he made and it was not with the girls and the school. Add in his comments about his skills at manipulation and if I were a parent, or a player, I would have to question everything I had experienced with him.


  1. Soccer Mom says

    As a parent of a soccer player making college visits and talking to coaches, I feel sorry for the girls that put their faith in a man (current players and 2009 recruits) who made promises to them but was more focused on himself than the program he represented and the girls that were counting on him for the rest of their season. Shame on the former coach and congrats to SBU for doing the right thing. His decision to mislead his employer and abandon his players is very telling about the core values and ethics of this FORMER coach.