As Your Daughter Heads Off To College To Play Sports

Consider this story about Mary Phyl Dwight from the KC Star today:

Dwight attended Raytown South before Title IX, and there were no organized sports teams for girls at most high schools then. Still, she played sports at every opportunity, including what used to be called “sports days” for girls, where they could compete against other schools.

Then Dwight went to college at Southwest Missouri State — now Missouri State — in Springfield.

“They were ahead of their time because they had women’s sports there,” she said. “I played volleyball, basketball, softball and ran track and cross country.”

Dwight is only 56, and it’s nice to see there was a time when MSU was considered progressive. We’ve come a long way in one generation. Now Webb City can cite gas costs for not offering girls soccer, I guess that’s progress. Unless you think there is more we need to do.
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