Southwest All-Stars Represent!

4th Southwest Missouri Soccer All-Stars Game4th Southwest Missouri Soccer All-Stars Game

I was asked by a reporter from the News-Leader about what the All-Star game represents for me. After spending a couple of hours digging through hundreds of photos, and posting 98 of them to my Flickr and SmugMug sites, I think I can distill it.

The players always exceed my expectations.

The All-Stars have led their teams. They’ve excelled on the larger stage as well, and when you bring them together their pride and their competitive spirit ensure that these games will allow them to thrive while also enjoying themselves. As one player noted, there is no pressure. But there is, the best kind though, the pressure they place on themselves. At the same time, they discover a new side of the players they’ve competed against, or read about, for the past four years because now they are teammates. Much like the journey many of them will make on college teams, or as college students, I’d like to believe this game is about their opportunity to prance, to display their spirit and their skills, and they always deliver. Thanks!

Here is a slideshow of my photos.

I’m going home to get some rest. I’ll be back tomorrow to point you to the professional writers who were out to cover the game. Enjoy.

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    It was a good time out there tonight and I for one enjoyed it thoroughly. We’ll try to have a video up as early as noon tomorrow so I’ll send you an embed code. Probably going to use the video as supplement to the print story as well…I’ll let you know.

    At any rate, it was some good soccer tonight and I had some fun shooting it.