St Louis Soccer United – Is Philly Pulling Ahead?

The St Louis Post-Dispatch provides an update on the status of bringing a team to St Louis:
St Louis Soccer United

Major League Soccer has again pushed back the timetable for naming its 16th expansion team, and while St. Louis continues to battle with Philadelphia for the spot, with each day it’s more likely a team won’t play here before 2010.

MLS Commissioner Don Garber said in November that the league would decide by Jan. 31 as to whether Philadelphia or St. Louis would join the league for 2009. In interviews last weekend in Baltimore, site of the MLS draft, Garber said a decision was expected in the next 30 to 45 days.

That could mean a decision might not come until March 1, but even if a decision is made by mid-February, it would be difficult for the planned stadium in Collinsville to be built in time for the 2009 season.

As usual, Mike at My Soccer blog has the deep background

MLS Commissioner Don Garber didn’t say a lot about expansion but what he did say was very telling.

First, he said that the race to land the next expansion team was indeed a two city event between Philadelphia and St. Louis, meaning that even if Miami moves ahead on their stadium idea or if Montreal pulls together their group, they are non-factors. Second, he said “If Philadelphia is able to finalize their plan, they have been leading the charge and have a step ahead of St. Louis.” So if both team are equal, Philadelphia will get the nod.

Hmmm. Time for some updates from KC and the Wizards. I’ll pull a few of those together next.

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