A Shout Out To Temple, Pritchard and Bramel

Several members of the Springfield Soccer community have been recognized for their efforts outside of soccer recently and I wanted to point to them.

Rick and Sheila Temple have six children. Kyler will graduate from Kickapoo this May and continue his career with Drury. His younger brother Konnor is playing at Glendale (2011). The News-Leader interviews Rick & Sheila in Added Blessings, a story on adoption.

If you’ve seen the Waynesville Tigers or Rolla Bulldogs girls team play anytime the past three years, you’ve likely noticed Katie Pritchard and Kaitlin Bramel, both impact players and multi-sport athletes. And as the Waynesville Daily Guide notes, On-court rivals Pritchard and Bramel have stayed best of friends off court after being teammates and opponents on the hardwood. Excellent story. Katie’s signed to play basketball for the Drury Panthers (soccer too Alf?) and I’ve had the two games Waynesville plays in Springfield on my calender since the schedules were announced.

Waynesville plays Jan 31st at Hillcrest and Feb 14th at Kickapoo.
Rolla plays Jan 21st at Hillcrest and Feb 4th at Parkview.female escorts in