Brandon and Rachel Moore Featured in Rolla Daily News

Excellent story in the Rolla Daily News on Brandon Moore and Rachel Moore, a brother and sister who are graduates of Rolla High School (2005 and 2006 respectively) and are starters for the University of Missouri – Rolla Miners. The story is below, with a pair of my photos that I have added.


At first, neither thought it was a good idea.

Two siblings. Same school. Same sport.

“We both kind of had our worries about it,” said Rachel Moore, now a sophomore on the University of Missouri-Rolla women’s soccer team.

It’s understandable. Most kids are looking to get away from their families for college. They want to start leading their own separate lives and enjoy the freedom that goes along with it. Having a brother or sister around can be a killjoy. (Hey Mom, did you know that Johnny stayed out at a party until 4 a.m. last night? On a Thursday! And, he had a test the next day!) Yes, issues will arise.

One of the first things that popped into Brandon Moore’s mind when he heard Rachel was considering his school was the infamous 3-to-1 guys to girls ratio at UMR. Brandon is a junior on the men’s soccer team.

“I’m a little overprotective,” Brandon said. “I didn’t want her around with all these guys.”

Sibling rivalry?

Both Brandon and Rachel were stars for their respective soccer programs at Rolla High School. The Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs won eight district championships in eight tries while the two were there. Both were chosen as captains. Both helped lead their team to the state quarterfinals.

With so many similarities, it might be hard to decide who is the better soccer player. However, Rachel says it isn’t even that close.

“I’m going with Brandon. He works harder than I ever have,” Rachel said. “He has amazing touch on the ball. He makes it look easy.”

Brandon had 31 goals and 50 assists in his RHS career. He agrees in the sense that he would win a one-on-one matchup, but acknowledged that there are many things at which his sister would take the family title.

“She’s got more aggression, and she’s a better defensive player than me,” Brandon said.

As you can see, the two are very supportive of each other. Both also agreed that there isn’t much of a sibling rivalry. If there is any at all, Brandon says it usually starts from an outside source.

“There are some others that like to tease me because she has scored a goal this season and I haven’t,” Brandon said. “Sometimes I will mention that our team has a better record. But, nothing too serious, we just joke about it.”


MSSU Lions vs UM-Rolla Miners Brandon is a mechanical engineering major. Currently, he is planning on attending graduate school, most likely in biomedical engineering.

Brandon, a midfielder, lettered as a freshman, making 11 starts. He had a goal and two assists. Last season he was third on the team in points with four goals and three assists. This year he has one assist in 12 games, helping the Miners to a 3-9-1 record.

“The season hasn’t gone as well as we would have liked in terms of win-loss, but I like it here,” Brandon said. “I like the team. I get along with all the guys. I’m very happy with my decision to come here.”

He says the favorite moment of his UMR career is hopefully still to come.

“I’m still hoping for a (Great Lakes Valley Conference) Tournament win,” Brandon said. “But, my favorite thing is just playing on Friday nights with a big home crowd cheering for us. It always gives you a good feeling.”

However, a close second was scoring on former Bulldog teammate Ryan Farrar, a record-setting RHS goalie that is now at Truman State. The goal earned UMR a 1-1 tie in a game last season.

“We were down one and it was off a throw-in. The ball bounced around at the top of the box for a while before it came to me. There was so much confusion, that he couldn’t get to (my shot),” Brandon said. “I enjoyed that a lot with him being from Rolla.”


UMR Miners vs Oakland City Oaks at DruryRachel is a premed major. She wants to go on to medical school and is thinking about becoming a pediatrician.

Like her brother, Rachel made an immediate impact as a freshman, playing in all 18 games. She is listed as a midfielder and a back. This year she has played in all 13 games. She notched one of the Lady Miners’ 14 goals. UMR is 3-9-1.

“I enjoy my team,” said Rachel. “We work really hard and have a lot of fun. We would like to win more, but we get what we can out of it.”

As for her favorite moment of her UMR career, she would go with her goal. It was the game-winner in a 2-1 victory over Missouri Western that came with just over four minutes remaining in the contest.

“It was funny. I had to tie my shoe, or else I would have normally been in the box,” said Rachel. “My friend went up in the box for me, and the ball just rolled out to my feet.”

She says she eventually chose UMR because of the quality of the school, the opportunity to play right away, and the atmosphere. She says she is pleased with her choice.

“It can get kind of difficult, but it has been a really good experience so far.”


Brandon and Rachel are the son and daughter of Larry and Jane Moore, who make almost every game no matter the distance. If the two teams are playing in different locations on the same day, they’ll make sure to attend one of each kid’s games that particular weekend.

“It’s really nice to have them there. Lots of my teammates’ families live far away, and they don’t make too many games,” said Rachel. “I’m grateful for my parents.”

“They will drive pretty much anywhere to see us. They are dedicated parents,” said Brandon. “Back in high school, they drove both of us to St. Louis to play soccer. They are amazing. I really enjoy having them there.”

As for having each other at the same school, it seems they are warming up on that subject too.

“We have a lot of mutual friends. So, we see each other quite a bit,” said Rachel. “It’s actually not that bad. I enjoy his company.”

“It was kind of strange at first, but I’m pretty used to it now,” said Brandon. “We can hang out and be friends, and not worry about the other stuff.”dubai hot girls