Glendale Falcons Win Round One

Glendale Falcons vs Kickapoo Chiefs
Like the pair of heavyweight fighters that they are, the Glendale Falcons and the Kickapoo Chiefs came to the Cooper Soccer Complex tonight prepared to battle for braggin’ rights.

Glendale drew first blood when Shaun Morris’ alert play sent him alone on goal, only to see GK Adam Legg force the shot wide. The resulting corner kick went through the box and fell to Adam Hammons who calmly settled and sent his shot through the defense and into the back of the net. 1-0 Glendale midway through the first half. Kickapoo’s best opportunity came just before the half-time whistle when Brock Ruggeri sent a shot just over the crossbar.

While it could be argued that Glendale had the better of the play in the first half, the second half saw Kickapoo come out with more verve and energy. The result was a game tying goal around the 70th minute when senior captain Heath Melugin was able to receive a ball, beat a defender and bury a left-footed shot. That revived Glendale and sent them into a higher gear as they began to control play, moving forward with a sense of urgency that had been missing prior to that.

The game winner came in the 78th minute following some fine individual effort by Devon Newport as he shook off a defender and broke into the box on the right hand side. His shot to the near post was parried by Legg but once again the Falcon’s lined up for a corner kick. While the Chief’s were able to push the initial shot out, senior Tucker Downs picked it up on the far side about 10 yards out. His shot was low and hard and while Legg was able to get a hand on it, it was too powerful to stop it from bouncing up and into the net.

It was the second straight game-winner for Downs (#6, pictured celebrating above with the Falcon’s Nation following the goal) who has now scored in all three Falcon’s games to open the season. Tucker Downs on his game winner (Quicktime v7 required)

Glendale is off until next Tuesday when they travel to Camdenton. Kickapoo heads for Rolla on Friday to participate in the Rolla Tournament where they will face Dixon, Rolla and Alta Vista. They should also be able to enjoy the opening GLVC game for UMR when they host Drury at Rolla on Friday night at 7:30 pm.escort websites


  1. I attended last night’s game. No, I didn’t have a son playing. I braved the weather anyway to watch several young men I know personally walk on the pitch and play soccer. Some of these young men come from the infamous U-16 team who won state this year and are arguably the best players in the region. I am happy to say I didn’t see them displaying the post-goal antics displayed by others. Maybe it’s because they didn’t score; I don’t know. Personally, as the mother of a soccer player, I would be embarrassed if my child acted as some players did. It will be interesting to see if these antics are allowed at the collegiate level . . . I doubt it!! Professionals display this type of boasting and bravado . . . which I don’t agree with, but at least they are professionals and have some bragging rights.

    Coaches, parents and players . . . I’m ashamed! I think in this day and age it is important to teach our children some humility and maturity. I would have been more impressed with these individuals had they hustled back to the midline, set the ball and played the game at hand . . . not the crowd!?! Rest assured I have talked to my child . . . who will NOT be displaying this type of behavior–I expect MORE out of my child. Afterall, humility is one of God’s virtues.

  2. Let the players celebrate how they want…especially in a big game like that. Emotion is apart of the game of soccer. Tolerance is also one of God’s virtues…just b/c you don’t like it dont take the glory away from the players.

  3. dear embarassed fan, first of all if you can’t display your name and face people that you try to ridicule then you shouldn’t say anything. you talk about god’s virtue, however you point the finger and judge these boys and everyone else. if you don’t like watching good, intense soccer, than don’t come to the games. the game was a good game last night. probably not the best of play from either team but there were many factors involved (first meeting, weather, big rivalry,etc.,etc.) these boys celebrate and act like this because it’s fun!!!! what you fail to realize is that on the pitch its war between these two teams. its safe to say that on the pitch they hate each other. BUT, off the pitch these kids hang out with each other, play on similar club teams, and some of them are best of friends with the other kids. so embarassed fan, if you don’t want to watch good soccer, cheap shots, taunting, celebrating and having fun, don’t watch anymore ghs vs khs games.

  4. dear embarassed fan i thought it was a great and well fought game last night for both teams if you dont like kids having fun then DONT COME!just because you dont like kids having fun and celebrating their wins doesnt mean that you should judge kids. Which is one of gods virtues so keep your opinions for your self thank you!

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