Phil Hodge Named Head Coach at Kickapoo

Phil Hodges, Kickapoo Chiefs Congratulations to Phil Hodge, pictured at the recent match against Glendale, for being named Head Coach of the Kickapoo Chiefs. Phil has been with the Chiefs for six years and was the ‘players choice’ based upon the feedback I’ve received.

He’s only the third coach in the schools history. Can you name the first coach?escorts agencies dubai


  1. Congrats Hodgie! Good to see another reputable SFCC product in the coaching ranks. Now keeping feeding us some players:)

  2. 1st coach was jose florez(sorry if i misspelled his name bob). didn’t know if that was trivia or you didn’t know ole but that’s who it was. i know the florez family quite well and also have the oppurtunity to see him on a regular basis at my church. he and his family are wonderful people(bob is a little of an exception 🙂 ) and have done so much in the beginning for springfield soccer. he was what a real soccer coach should be like.

  3. oh, congrats hodge on being named head soccer coach. i believe that he will do a wonderful job at kickapoo.

  4. I would like to personally thank Coach Hodge for all the hard work and dedication to me and the Kickapoo soccer program. Kickapoo and the R-12 school district have done themselves right with this hiring. I know you are ready to continue the winning tradition. I was truly blessed to have such a great assistant and friend. I wish you all the best.
    Coach D

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