Thank You

Last nights game between Glendale and Kickapoo was a classic, something that I’m sure we all enjoyed. It featured fine play by both teams, a large crowd and even traditional media coverage. They don’t ignore us completely, do they 🙂

Tom Davidson, Kickapoo Chiefs As the final regular season game for Tom Davidson, after 16 years building a top program, what stood out for me last night is the first comment he had for his team following the game.

Thank You.

I think it speaks volumes about the man and his approach to the game. I have uploaded a few photos I took last night, images that will be very familiar to his players and their parents. I’ve also got his post-game comments to share with you as well as a short note from Jeff Rogers, Glendale Falcons coach and long time friend and opponent. (both are short .wav audio files)

And remember, there are always plenty more photos to be seen. Click on the photo of Coach Davidson with his team or view a slideshowhow much are escorts


  1. Coach Davidson has been an amazing influence on my daughter and we feel truly blessed she got to spend 3 years with him as her coach. He is a class act and nothing more really needs to be said except – THANK YOU!

  2. Coach Davidson has meant a lot to my family and me over the last three years. He’s helped me become a better player and emphasized the importance of being a good person. Here at Kickapoo we are losing a lot and Ozark is gaining more than they can imagine. He has been a great coach and at the same time a great friend.

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