Missouri Boys Soccer All-State Honors, Class 1

Trinity Titans vs Kickapoo Chiefs

MVP – Kyle Clawson, Whitfield
Offensive MVP – Miles Seidel, Burroughs
Defensive MVP – Drew Lash, Whitfield
GK of the Year – Tim Boruff, Trinity (pictured above)
Coach of the Year – Scott McDoniel, Burroughs

First Team
GK Tim Boruff SR Trinity
GK Kyle Clawson SR Whitfield
GK Nick Lampa SR St. Pius X (KC)
GK Will Preston SR Pembroke
D Bobby DesPain SR Burroughs
D Jack Fischer SO Burroughs
D Patrick Harber JR Principia
D Drew Lash SR Whitfield
D Brian Neihart SR Barstow
D Blake Schneider JR Whitfield
MF Jim Deatherage JR Whitfield
MF Jimmy Hangyal SR St Pius Festus
MF Miles Seidel SR Burroughs
MF Kimball Webster SR Principia
F Justin Barwick SR St Pius Festus
F John Chavez JR Bishop LeBlond
F Ross Merrill SR Pembroke
F Ras Ricketts SR Barstow

Second Team
GK Greg Fox JR Barstow
D J.D. Knapp JR Barstow
D Mitch Lied SR Pembroke
D Chad McBride SR Trinity
D Rodolfo Santos Torres JR Principia
MF Nick Barron SO Principia
MF Eric Deines JR Pembroke
MF Angelo Gentile JR Burroughs
MF Jack McKenna SR Trinity
MF Andy Mattingly SR Bishop LeBlond
MF Eric Mooney JR Whitfield
MF Curt Ooton JR St. Pius X (KC)
F John Crawford SR Smithton
F Prevost Foushee SR Whitfield
F Spencer Gordon SR Burroughs
F Austin Mullins SR Sacred Heart
F Michael Odongo JR Bishop LeBlond
F Randy Schlesselman SR Cole Camp R-I
F Will Wurster JR Pembroke

Final Rankings
1 Whitfield
2 Burroughs
3 Pembroke Hill
4 Trinity
5 Principia
6 Belle
7 St. Paul Lutheran
8 Bayless
9 St. Joe LeBlond
10 Barstow
Others: Lutheran North, MMA
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  1. I agree. I, for one (and I’m sure I’m not the only one), believe Ross Chaffin from Greenwood deserves to be on this list. He was the player to contain when Cassville played Greenwood this year, and we didn’t do a very job of stopping him in our 2-2 tie. I’m sure there were some other deserving players but Ross is the one who comes to the top of our mind.

  2. I agree qith the two previouse comments, Ross is a great player, and to not have at least one player from this area shows that there are not enough designated voters in this area. Sorry Ross, at least we know your worth and contribution to 1A soccer in this area.

    Jeffrey Chavez

  3. I am writing to correct my earlier comment. Cassville actually lost the game to Greenwood 3-2 – my bad.

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