2006 Class 2 All-Region Honors, Missouri Boys Soccer

The votes are in for the Southwest Region (Districts 5 and 6) which includes the Western area teams in District 6 and our local boys in District 5. These are the Districts that sent teams to the Quarterfinal playoff for the right to represent the Region in the State Final Four.

Most Valuable Player – Justin Scicluna, West Plains
Offensive Player of the Year – Anthony Walker, O’Hara
Defensive Player of the Year – Tanner Roberts, Bolivar
GK of the Year – Zach Auala, West Plains
Coach of the Year – Nick Schmitt, West Plains

Zach Auala, 12 – West Plains
Peter Casey, 11 – Bolivar
Nate Evans, 12 – Cassville
Michael Handley, 11 – Webb City
Brice Hunt, 11 – West Plains
TJ Martin, 11 – Webb City
Bobby Nelson, 12 – Warrensburg
Daniel O’Connor, 11 – O’Hara
Matt Quinlan, 12 – O’Hara
Tanner Roberts, 11 – Bolivar
Edward Ruelas, 11 – Van Horn
Ryan Schlichthman, 11 – Cassville
Justin Scicluna, 11 – West Plains
Ryan Toombs, 11 – Bolivar
Anthony Walker, 11 – O’Hara
Matt Warner, 12 – Harrisonville
Quentin Weygaerts , 12 – Harrisonville
Stuart Ziegler, 11 – West Plainsoriental dubai escort


  1. I am a soccer player from Harrisonville, MO. I am a senior. We also have a player named Matt Watson, who is a junior. On this list you have put Matt Watson grade 11. That is incorrect. Please verify which Matt should be on the list. Thanks!

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