The Heart Of The Game

I’m on a movie documentary kick these days folks, looking out towards the possibility of doing a movie that documents the history of the beautiful game in Springfield and Southwest Missouri. If you have video, or friends with video, that is ten years or more older start collecting it along with some old photos if you would.

On a related note, I want to point you to an excellent film coming to Springfield next Wednesday, August 2nd. Titled “The Heart Of The Game” it’s an inside look at girls sports. If you have a daughter involved in any sport, I recommend this show that will be shown exclusively at the Moxie Cinema in downtown Springfield.

This thrilling documentary brings us deep into the dramatic world of high school basketball, where Bill Resler, a previous college professor, takes a job as the women’s basketball coach at Roosevelt High School in Seattle. His unorthodox tactics and sheer love of the game brought a new dedication to his athletes, and a team that had been a perennial loser started winning games. Then, life changes dramatically for their star player, Darnellia Russell. What follows would be unbelievable if it weren’t entirely real. This film’s premiere at the Toronto Film Festival brought jaded industry execs to their feet with cheers, and was the opening night film at True/False Film Festival in Columbia, MO. Includes a new narration track by Ludacris.

Two shows nightly, for a week. Get to Moxie Cinema with your daughter and enjoy this great story.
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