Girls All State Soccer, Class 2

The final honors have been announced. Congratulations to Sophie Cox, Afton Weimer, Autumn McEachern, Lou Opfer, Katie Pritchard & Whitney Hall. Kickapoo gets ranked #7 with Hickman at #12, Rolla at #13 and Glendale received votes for their late season run as well.

In addition, a shout out to the Central Region players represented on the list, including Co-Goalkeeper of the Year Jessie Sanderson, Kelsey McClure, Liz Gayer, Caty Newbold, Brittany Sharp, RaShonda Stanley, Jenna Steiner & Lauren Kelly.

In related news, Afton Weimer is participating in the Southwest Soccer All Star game on June 22nd along with seven of her graduating teammates. Sophie Cox is headed for Regionals with her St. Louis SC State Championship team and Autumn and her teammates have a Florida trip that was planned before we managed to snag them. Lot’s of fun nonetheless, we hope to see you out supporting these girls!

First Team
Player, School – Position, Grade
Jamie Farrell, IWA – GK, 12
Jessie Sanderson, Jefferson City – GK, 11
Drea Barklage, IWA – D, 10
Grace Cross, Lee’s Summit North – D, 9
Rachel Hoff, Lafayette – D, 11
Jordan Reppell, St. Joe’s – D, 11
Jacqui Smith, St. Joe’s – D, 12
Lauren Bozesky, Ursuline -MF, 12
Molly Campbell, St. Teresa’s -MF, 10
Sophie Cox, Rolla – MF, 12

Susan Frederickson, St. Joe’s – MF, 12
Alexis Miller, IWA – MF, 12
Nikki Rivera, Lafayette – MF, 10
Correen Roark, Hazelwood West – MF, 12
Britney Scott, St. Teresa’s – MF, 10
Afton Weimer, Kickapoo – MF, 12
Julia Bradenburg, Ursuline – F, 12
Danielle Doerfler, Lee’s Summit North – F, 11
Caitlin King, Nerinx Hall – F, 12
Morgan Marlborough, Lee’s Summit North – F, 9
Danielle Martens, St. Teresa’s – F, 10
Alyssa Mautz, Ft. Zumwalt West – F, 11
Blake Miller, IWA – F, 10
Kelly Waeckerle, Parkway West – F, 12

Second Team
Kate Laterza, St. Teresa’s GK 11
Jennifer Ogren, Raymore-Peculiar GK 11
Amanda Akins, Oakville D 11
Riki Allen, St. Teresa’s D 12
Christy End, Nerinx Hall D 11
Tori Samson, Parkway Central D 11
Sabrina Sexton, Ft. Zumwalt West D 11
Annie Shepard, Notre Dame de Sion D 11
Kelsey Stokes, Blue Springs South D 11
Casey Berrier, Parkway Central MF 12
Ashley Brazill, IWA MF 11
Jessica Depew, Lee’s Summit North MF 11
Lauren Fowlkes, St. Teresa’s MF 11
Brittany Hance, Ft. Zumwalt West MF 11
Colleen Kinealy, St. Joe’s MF 12
Hannah Kohm, Jackson MF 12
Emma Kriegel, Oakville MF 11
Kelsey McClure, Hickman MF 12
Maggie Farrell, St. Joe’s F 12
Autumn McEachern, Rolla F 12
Lou Opfer, Glendale F 10
Kim Peabody, Ursuline F 12
Katie Pritchard, Waynesville F 10
Caitlin Werkmeister, Cor Jesu F 11

Honorable Mention
Shannon Ponce, Francis Howell North GK 12
Liz Gayer, Hickman D 10
Chrissy Ghirardi, Ft. Zumwalt South D 11
Whitney Hall, Kickapoo D 11
Michelle Jantsch, St. Teresa’s D 11
Caty Newbold, Helias D 10
Brittany Sharp, Hickman D 12
Sally Sinclair, Cor Jesu D 12
Rashonda Stanley, Jefferson City D 11
Emily Wright, Park Hill South D 12
Courtney Alexander, Liberty MF 12
Ellen Jantsch, St. Teresa’s MF 10
Jenna Steiner, Jefferson City MF 12
Sarah Jewell, Park Hill F 12
Lauren Kelly, Rock Bridge F 10
Ashley Tankersley, Francis Howell North F 12
Ali Walsh, Hazelwood Central F 11

Player of the Year
Danielle Martens, St. Teresa’s – F, 10

Offensive Player of the Year
Alyssa Mautz, Ft. Zumwalt West – F, 11

Defensive Player of the Year
Jacqui Smith, St. Joe’s – D, 12

Co-Goalkeeper of the Year

Jamie Farrell, IWA – GK, 12
Jessie Sanderson, Jefferson City – GK, 11

Coach of the Year — Large School

Jack Baldwin, Ft. Zumwalt West

Coach of the Year — Private School
Scott Siegel, St. Teresa’s

Team Rankings
1. St. Teresa’s
2. St. Joe’s
3. Ft. Zumwalt West
4. Incarnate Word Academy
5. Lee’s Summit North
6. Lafayette
7. Kickapoo
8. Cor Jesu
9. Nerinx Hall
10. Oakville
11. Ursuline
12. Hickman
13. Rolla
14. Liberty
15. Jackson
Blue Springs South
Ft. Zumwalt South
Parkway Central
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