Soccer Specific Athletic Training with Brian Bounds

Jewsbury - Bounds Training session
Soccer America recently offered a nice interview with the US National team’s staff. In the meantime, if you are looking for a local resource for athletic training that is soccer specific, I feel confident in recommending a talented local resource, Brian Bounds. Here’s information on what he’s offering this summer:

Soccer-Specific Training with Brian Bounds

Brian Bounds, owner and operator of Bounds Soccer Systems, will be running a soccer-specific training program for junior high and high school soccer players over the summer. This performance enhancement program is designed to improve various components of the footballer’s game such as speed, agility, footwork, balance, power, coordination, reaction time, flexibility, and strength. Other aspects such as nutrition, recovery and regeneration, injury prevention, vision training, and mental training will be covered providing for a complete and thorough approach to the training of the soccer player. Many of Springfield’s top players have participated in this program throughout the years and have seen great results. For more information on how your young footballer can benefit from this performance enhancement and take their game to the next level, contact Brian at 417-496-1418 or at

Brian Bounds has a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from Michigan State University and a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from Missouri State University. He is a physical therapist, certified athletic trainer, and certified strength and conditioning specialist. He has been an athletic trainer for the men’s and women’s soccer programs at Michigan State University, Northwestern University, and Missouri State University. For the last five years, he has also assisted the sports medicine staff for the Kansas City Wizards and has recently been named as an alternate athletic trainer for US Soccer. Mr. Bounds has a passion for the game of soccer and devotes himself to ensuring each of his athletes reach their true potential as soccer players.

The confidence I have in recommending Brian’s efforts come from third party references I sought out and I’ll share with you here. If you’ve spent anytime at Lake Country, you are likely familiar with Brian. If your son or daughter want to compete at a higher level, this is a valuable component.

Jon Leamy, Head Coach, Missouri State Bears

Without a doubt Brian is one of the most knowledgeable young Agility, Speed, and Conditioning Coaches for soccer in our country. He is extremely passionate about the sport of soccer and brings a dimension to the player, and or team, that is a winning edge.

Jeremy Alumbaugh, Technical Director, Springfield SC

For those players who are serious on being prepared for the next level of play, there is not substitute for giving yourself every advantage when it comes to increasing your soccer speed and movement. At the top level speed and quickness are a must, both with and without the ball. Brian Bounds and his proven training system allows soccer players to be prepared for the next level. Many of the Springfield S.C. players have gone through his program with outstanding results and enjoyment. The thing that separates Brian Bounds from everyone else in town is that his training is soccer specific, because he’s a soccer guy.

Mike Gow, Lebanon HS Soccer Coach & Parent of MSU player Michael Gow

I have known Brian for about 4 or 5 years. I first met him when he was the trainer at SMSU’s (MSU) team camp. He impressed me with the patience he showed every kid who had a bump or bruise that week. He was overworked and yet took it all in stride as he listened to each complaint. He would tape each ankle and pad each bruise as if that player were the only person he took care of. He has been the trainer at several area soccer games I have had my teams at as well as my own LHS tournament several times. He has always made sure that each player knew he was there for them. The respect he shows high school athletes as he treats them is remarkable. I really like how he has treated all the kids I’ve seen him work with. He doesn’t seem to care whether he is working a youth game, a college game or a professional game – they are all important to him; he just enjoys watching our game and appears to have special respect for those that play it.

Both of my sons have gone through soccer specific agility and speed training with him. As a matter of fact he was just at an SSC practice session last week and when I asked Matthew how it went his reply was simply, “Brian Bounds was there.” I smiled: he smiled: that was all he said and that was enough. Whenever Brian leads the conditioning end of practice the players all get a good workout if they want to push themselves to do what he expects. He has shared some his training materials with me and I have incorporated some of it into my own training sessions with my high school teams. He is an awesome guy. The trainer we had from St. John’s here in Lebanon also has had nothing but praise for him.

Bob Collier, Parent

The boys (Adam Peterson, Kickapoo 2007 & Lou Fusz and Caleb Collier) did Brian’s session last summer. I would recommend that to everyone. It was speed training, and Caleb got in probably 30-35 sessions. Brian was very thorough and he was always pushing the boys to work harder. The boys also did a program with Brian at the YMCA, where they focused on weight lifting and stretching focusing on soccer movements with the hopes of keeping down soccer injuries.

If you click on the photo above, that shows Ryan Squires (Glendale JV MVP in 2005) running a drill in front of Brian, you’ll see some photos from the Xmas Holiday Camp he held with Jack Jewsbury. escort dubai