Soccer Video – Bulldogs Win

Here’s 2:30 minutes of highlights from the Rolla Lady Bulldogs win over the Kickapoo Lady Chiefs on Tuesday evening at Kickapoo. It’s the small version, I need to make sure you can watch this first and then I’ll work on increasing the size and quality. This one’s about 8MB so hopefully you can enjoy. I wonder if I can get this onto a phone?

Update 09 April – I finally got it uploaded to the one video host whose streaming has worked in the past. Let me know if this resolved the issues you were facing earlier. whats a female escort


  1. The video is really fuzzy and buffers every 2 seconds? I was watching several videos from the last seasons and they worked fine! Not sure what is going on, but I really want to view this clip!

  2. Jenni – thanks for the note. I hope I’ll have a fix by Sunday. It will have to wait until I cover your alma maters Shootout Tournament Fri-Sat.

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