Month: February 2006

Girls Season Opens

Glendale Falcons Like Tessa Banta, pictured on the left, I’m happy to report the Spring Season has opened. I made it out to Catholic (Class 1 Quarterfinalists), Glendale and Kickapoo (Class 2 Sectionals) where the start of practice, on a day that can only be considered balmy for this time of year, was greeted with excitement. At least until the running started! But even that wasn’t too great a burden as all three teams will look to improve on last years results. Work will keep me from making it to the other schools until next week but I’ll make it out to Central, Hillcrest and Parkview for a look-see as well. And I’ll try not to neglect Marshfield, Nixa, Ozark & Willard in the coming weeks. Anyone else within 30 minutes of downtown? Greenwood?escorts of dubai

Girls Sectional 2005

OK, as promised ladies, to welcome the return of girls soccer with the start of practice today – here are my highlights of the Sectional match played last May between the Rolla Bulldogs and Kickapoo Chiefs. It’s 6:47 min in length and a whopping 300MB’s since I’m an artist and want a nice size and quality image 🙂 So, press the play button and go get a drink, allowing it time to download. about 20MBs so you can actually watch it.

PS – I’ve migrated to Quicktime v7 to support the larger window and improved compression capabilities so you may need to download the latest version cheap escorts


Found this one courtesy of the fellows at the Wall Street Journal (it’s the last story on the page) – it’s a video of a young man in Rochester NY who finally get’s to suit up and play four minutes of basketball for his high school team on Senior Night. There is also an article in the Rochester Chronicle & Democrat that provides the background you need to really appreciate it.

Check out the video here to watch it or if you have difficulties, go to and scroll through the Watch Video box on the right until you find “J-Mac’s hoop dream come true.” It requires Windows Media Player v9 and is a popup so check your popup blocker settings.

Thanks to Bob Jordan who found another, easier to view, version of the story.escort women dubai


Sorry for the light posting recently, I’ve been busy helping with the Show-Me Missouri International Film Festival that will be taking place next weekend. With over 40 showings scheduled Friday through Sunday, you should be able to find something you like. Films will be shown at The Moxie as well as at Drury University and Missouri State University. Complete information can be found at this website

In the meantime, as the site enters it’s 12th month of existence, the news has been good as several folks way outside the region have added Springfield Soccer to their regular reading list. I’ve been learning about the beautiful game in their region because of it and it’s always good. Check out the Blogroll section for sites like DCenters for DC United and MLS news, or Triangle Soccer Fanatics for news out of the North Carolina Triangle region. Especially timely with Autumn McEachern signing to play for the Campbell Camel’s, one of several D1 programs in the region.

Speaking of which, I’m slowly adding schools to the Represent SGFsoccer category with the many college signings you’ve read about here. If you don’t see your school, feel free to send me a note and give me a gentle nudge to get it done. arab tranny